Why Is It Necessary to Get a Medical Marijuana Card?

Marijuana is becoming legal in an increasing number of U.S. cities for both medical and recreational use. At present, roughly 33 states, including New York, have legalized the use of medical marijuana for qualified patients in specific capacities.

However, individuals have to go through an assessment process and recommendation to get the NY medical marijuana card. A medical marijuana card is an identification card issued by the state that allows the patient to acquire, use, or cultivate marijuana for medicinal use.

The legalization of marijuana has resulted in some companies in New York to establish extensive grow facilities to maximize profits. The need for a NY medical marijuana card has stemmed from the increase of chronic diseases.

Approximately 98,000 medical marijuana patients are suffering from chronic pains. Of this number, patients aged 51 to 60 years old comprised the highest percentage of certifications.

The criteria and process of getting medical marijuana cards differ from each state. In New York, patients seeking medical marijuana cards should first schedule an appointment with a doctor before registering at the state’s Department of Health (DOH).

Patients are required to send a proof of residency upon application. While the process can be time-consuming, the benefits of getting a medical marijuana card are worth every sweat. Among these benefits include:

Benefits of getting a medical marijuana card

It Reduces Overall Costs and Taxes

Cannabis is costly and taxed heavily by dispensaries. The legalization of medical marijuana is projected to yield at least USD 772 million in tax revenue for the city government.

Medical marijuana cards provide concessions to patients so that they can get access to their medicine at a lower cost. It also ensures that patients can get access to high-quality cannabis.

Obtaining a medical marijuana card means those patients can order the compound from an approved dispensary in New York. Usually, the products of these dispensaries have undergone thorough testing for quality assurance.

It Offers Legal Protection

The Drug Policy Alliance estimates that about 867,000 arrests were made in New York state for low-level marijuana offenses from 1990 to 2018. While medical marijuana is legal by nature, patients will still adhere to state rules to prevent hefty fines and arrests.

A recent NY medical marijuana law requires patients or caregivers to register with the state to get access to medicine. Having a medical marijuana card means that you are certified for the use of the compound under the protection of the law.

This provides patients peace of mind, allowing them to continue the use of medical marijuana to enhance symptoms of their health condition.

It Allows Higher Potency Limits

Dosage is exceptionally essential when it comes to medical marijuana. Many patients need access to a higher dosage to improve symptoms.

However, recreational shops have to abide by potency limits. With a medical marijuana card, patients can buy from medical dispensaries, which sometimes provide more leeway.

New York law permits patients with medical marijuana cards to obtain a 30-day supply of non-smokable and cannabis-infused products.

Medical marijuana in New York is growing each day, and taking advantage of its benefits can propel patients to improve their well-being.

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