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Tuscaloosa, Alabama is one of the most popular cities in the state, and they have a lot to offer, especially when you’re looking for some excellent food choices from local restaurants. Most importantly, the top food delivery restaurants can all be delivered right to your door during your busy day with the tap of some buttons on a web app (we’ll talk about that a little later), and highly trained and qualified drivers to give you the choices you need. In this guide, we’re going to cover some of those restaurants with this top 5 pick.

Waitr; Food Delivery App in Tuscaloosa

  • Al’s Taco Shop
    Having a downhome taco shop with authentic Mexican food is something that is more than a commodity down South. You can get flautas, tacos of many varieties, all for a great price and get excellent some excellent cuisine when you just need a little bit of a Mexican food fix-up.


  • Frida’s Burritos
    What? Another taco joint? Actually, no. This place is strictly all about burritos, from shrimp all the way to beans and cheese, shredded beef, and much more. Every ingredient is made with authentic flavors and ingredients, all fresh, and worth every single penny. You can also get your choice of sides and they are no small dish either, so your burrito literally takes up your entire plate.
  • Moe’s Original BBQ
    When you eat at Moe’s, you can get some delicious sandwiches and sides, as well as drinks. They have a wide variety of sandwiches, platters, and even excellent sides that can provide some true Southern flare. Oh yeah, and when you’re ready for dessert, don’t forget to order their banana pudding, complete with vanilla wafers! Moe’s is an excellent choice for both kids and adults alike.
  • Asuka Buffet
    Have you ever wondered what it’s like to eat delicious Chinese food? Well, believe it or not, you can even get some in the South and have it delivered straight to you. From dumplings, crab Rangoon, and a variety of other popular Chinese dishes, you can get them for a great price using an app on your phone, and having it delivered right to you in classic Chinese Takeout delivery style. You should also really try their fried bananas. Many people love dipping them in chocolate!
  • Popeye’s – Tuscaloosa
    Popeye’s is one of America’s most popular “fast food” chains, but they’re not really fast food at all. They do have however, some of the best chicken on the market, and here in the South, fried chicken is a necessity. They also have excellent sides, kid’s menu choices, and seafood to boot. If you have a large family, they’ve also got options for that too for a great price.



Waitr is one of a kind app that allows you to search for your location and it’ll find you excellent restaurants. We’ve found some of the best in Tuscaloosa thanks to this app, and you should go enjoy it too. You get fresh food delivered almost instantly, and all you have to do is download an app, much like other competitive food delivery services out there (which have actually fewer delivery options). Why should you not be able to get the same great food that everyone else does just because you don’t want to call Uber?

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