Benefits Of Pursuing VFX And Animation Course

VFX or ‘Visual Effects’ entails manipulating imagery in order to create an exaggerated yet life-like action, environment, elements, characters, etc. that would otherwise be unfeasible to create.  

VFX team works with the production team including the producer, director, and cinematographer to finalize the portions of the film/TV shows that need computer graphics, and accordingly, frames are taken on green screen and handled by VFX. 

Skills required:

  • Brilliant Visualisation and artistic ability in addition to an eye for detail
  • Excellent interpersonal skills and organizational skills along with good communication ability 
  • Passion to learn, explore and experiment 
  • Time management skills, including working late hours so as to adhere to deadlines
  • Be up to date with latest techniques and technology in addition to competencies in us of various software-2D, 3D animation software, etc., Linux/Unix based computer operating systems 
  • Problem-solving attitude
  • Carry out blue/green screen extractions using Photoshop etc. 
  • Knowledge of photography, including composition, shutter speed, lighting, depth of field, aperture, and framing
  • Interpret feedback and offer solutions as well as improvements accordingly 

Benefits of VFX and Animation course:

Business Knowledge: Best Animation and VFX colleges equip students with theoretical, technical as well as business knowledge. The curriculum lets students apply principles of design to varied communication challenges across a range of media, formats, and contexts. Besides this, students get an understanding of people, their socio-cultural settings and hence are equipped to device strategies and design communication products.     

Studio Exposure: VFX and Animation Course offer an opportunity to have experience & training in a full-fledged studio. This exposure will provide you with a base and will help you strengthen your roots as you work to bring alive your visualization. You not only learn about professionalism but also a firsthand feel of the latest software, new tools & techniques, and use of AI. So when you complete your course and enter a professional field, you are ready and do not feel out of place. 

Latest Technology & Equipment: In multimedia, evolution is happening at a very fast pace. However, if you are at a great college, then you will have access to all the latest technologies, software, tools, and equipment so as to facilitate the building of engaging characters as well as a virtual environment that is fundamental to storytelling. The students will get competencies in 2D, 3D graphics, simulation, modeling, narrative, prototyping, etc. 

Placement assistance: One of the key benefits of studying at a premier college is placement assistance. With the increasing demand for VFX and Animation artists, there are immense opportunities in the market. However, companies are seeking well-trained and qualified professionals since they do not want to waste time and effort in training recruits. Hence these companies turn to reputed institutes to fulfill their demand. 

Trained Faculty and proper exposure: Good colleges ensure that their faculty consists of actual animators and VFX artists from the industry, who will share their real-life experiences and techniques in post-production with students. In addition, colleges also make sure that their students get live exposure at the studios through internships. At times students are even given small projects by these studios. Furthermore, students are also encouraged to participate in various competitions. All this will also help students build their own portfolios that will hold them well during interviews at the time of placements. 

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