Finding a Date Using These Top Rated Asian Online Dating Sites

While dating sites are literally flooding the internet, there are some that are more directed towards other specific ethnicities. Therefore, we’re going to tell you a little bit about the 5 best Asian online dating sites in this 2019 review, and also hopefully give you some tips in finding a date. Sometimes this can be hard, because some Asian women prefer men of other nationalities, although many do generally find it best to stick within their culture. In this guide, we’ll cover these from the number one down to the third-place winner based on the list from Asian Dating Site Reviews.


  • AsianDating.com
    With millions of users, this is the prominently most productive site and has the most Asian women to look for as far as users go. For many men, this is actually hard to come by a site like this, and the women get a free account. Men do have to pay in order to talk to them, just like most other websites of this nature though. Even still, this site has the most user activity.
  • FilipinoCupid.com
    FilipinoCupid is one of the top sites where the women predominantly seek men from the West, but believe it or not, there are plenty of Asian men on the site as well seeking to find that match made in harmony. This site is also popularly used as a hookup site for Asians as well, and their advice: Take things easy when you first start talking to one another. If you jump into things, then you may get unwanted results. This site closely resembles the goals and algorithms of eHarmony.
  • ThaiCupid.com
    ThaiCupid is similar but with Asians, it’s comparable to websites such as Match.com. It’s for Asian women and for literally anyone who wants to talk to them. While it is possible you can find a member to talk to. The website is very big on making sure that when you talk to someone and sign up, be very leery of those “relationship seekers” from Pattaya or Phuket, which are giant tourist traps where there are many big on prostitution, web trafficking and more. If someone asks you for money (for the men primarily here), you might want to report them, but it is advised that you don’t, because someone actually quite possibly needs the money, but you don’t have to put up with it. Simply move on when it comes to these conversations.


Conclusion: Finding a Date

The winner being AsianDating.com of course as far as user base and many other factors is nothing new. However, on any dating website finding a date who is legit can be a hard thing to do. Always do your research and despite one site taking it slow, you always should when it is involving online relationships. Sometimes you may be tempted to “rescue” the women on the site if you’re a man. Don’t fall for these traps either, because since these are online dating sites, you need to take your time, not be rushed. Be sure to get to know the person a little. When you feel comfortable, simply agree to meet at a public place. If you get rejected or stood up, never take it personal as the internet can be a dog eat dog world sometimes. Just keep trying.

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