What Are The Best Free SEO Tools On The Market?

The very word “free” has a charm in itself, this becomes more attractive when it drives extra traffic, rank, money, reputation and so on. Right? Fortunately, the SEO world comes with many free tools but all of them are not authentic enough. If you want to work smart not hard then you need to get hold of the right tools and the best SEO companies at your disposal. The difference that they can make is amazing. Here we will be discussing some of the top free SEO tools that can truly reduce your extra effort and time. Common, read on.

To online marketers, Google Analytics is an integral part of their lives, a tool without which they can’t breathe. If you are not yet aware of its significance, it’s high time you do so. There is hardly any other data source that provides more detailed and high-quality information other than Google Analytics. In this era of Google dominating everything, this tool is a must-have for social media marketing companies in Bangalore.

Moz by crunching data from various sources can score your business on its online presence. With Moz bar at your disposal, you will be able to track all the details of your business website. SEO deals with knowing the right stuff at the right time. This tool helps you discover all the right stuff at a glance.   

This tool fetches all the autocomplete queries in bulk and segments them into different lists. This process helps to reveal the questions people are asking in Google and the best part is it is absolutely free. When you are doing keyword researches for a new site this tool helps you get more keywords.

This tool can show the top 100 backlinks to all websites and webpages free of cost. It also reveals the most common anchor texts, the total number of backlinks and domains.

If you are running WordPress then this is the most useful plugin you will be requiring. You can use this to optimize content, meta tags, generate instant sitemaps and so on.

If you are searching for a tool that can provide you with all the right stats to guide your keyword strategy then this tool is perfect for you. It will help you detect monthly search volume, all suggested terms that you can consider and your competitors.

So, if you have been searching for the list of the most important SEO tools for your business, then I hope you will find the above list useful. Also, read here thrive content builder review as it is another good tool for SEO and content writing. With digital marketing becoming phenomena every professional digital marketing agency must keep themselves up to date about these free online tools. Digital marketing being a vast concept requires good technical know-how and tactics. Yes, these tools will definitely come to your help but along with them, you need to know all the right tactics, which is only possible when you turn to a professional digital marketing training institutes. So what are you thinking of? Get the right professionals for your help.

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