Here is Your Best Permanent Pubic Hair Removal Treatment

Pubic hair may not be pleasing, and you might be tired of self-treatments like waxing, shaving, and plucking. Musee Platinum Tokyo brings you a Smooth Skin Control Hair Removal (S.S.C) treatment, a new high-tech pain-free technology for permanent pubic hair removal. The treatment is gentle by slight to no discomfort, unlike the traditional self-treatment options. It involves a formulated gel being activated through exposure to filtered light beams. The gel has a plant peptide that allows your skin to become polished and smoother. Click on http://www.musee-sg.com/menu/index.html for more information about the life-changing treatment.

About the Process

S.S.C treatment is painless, gentle to the skin, and fast compared to other hair deletion treatments. The initial consultation takes about an hour which is worth it to ensure you understand better what you can expect and what is expected of you. The actual treatment time may vary but generally takes about 30 minutes. Yea! That fast.


Getting ready for S.S.C treatment is crucial to enhance your safety and results. Remember that your skin is precious, and you ought to protect it. Understand that the treatment will best work for about 1-2mm hair. Therefore, you will need to shave about 2-3 days before your appointment. Please avoid any vaccination ten days before your treatment, do not consume alcohol 122 hours before your treatment, or use any irritants in the treatment area.

The Process


It is crucial to book a consultation appointment per your provider to discuss your treatment. This time allows you to evaluate your options and know what you expect for your treatment. It also allows your doctor to evaluate your medical status and see if you are suitable for the treatment. Additionally, it allows your provider to guide you on preparing for the treatment to enhance results. Your doctor will arrange the treatment once you have agreed on the treatment that best meets your needs.

Setting the Light

Note that an optical hair subtraction device will be used for your treatment, and it is crucial to determine the amount of light to be used. Generally, the quantity of light used on your skin will depend on the nature of your skin and your hair volume and quality. Therefore, your provider will examine these qualities first.

Application of Special Gel

Your provider will cleanse the treatment area and gently apply the specially formulated gel. The gel contains growth-inhibiting ingredients for your hair that compromise the growth process.

Light Exposure

In this step, you will be required to wear goggles to secure your eyes from the beams of filtered light. Your provider will focus the light on the treatment area, and you will only experience the glare of the light for a second. The overall treatment is not painful. Afterward, your provider will wipe away the gel and place a cooling pad on the treated area to soothe it down.


After your skin cools down, your doctor will apply a post-treatment moisturizing essence to soothe it further. After about two weeks, you will notice the hair falling out from the treated area. However, ensure you wash the treated area gently and moisturize with lotion. But avoid hot baths or showers and only take warm ones and keep off strenuous activities and exercises. You will need several treatments to experience optimal results, depending on your hair growth cycle.

You no longer have to tolerate that unwanted pubic hair or endure the agony and troubles of self-help treatments. You can achieve permanent pubic hair removal through a few treatments and enjoy a baby’s soft and even skin. Thanks to the brand-new treatment, you will no longer have to shave or pluck at home.

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