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We live in a world where all the newest gadgets and innovations appear so quickly that it is hard to follow all of them. Every day something new appears, and in order to learn all of the information you are interested in, you have to watch the news all the time. Don’t waste your time on constant scrolling: with 4Promedia, you can find out about the latest technology news right away. Read the article to learn more.

Learn the latest tech news today

Are you short on time but would like to read the latest hi-tech news now? Discover more about the latest gadgets news and updates here today. All the best news about computer science and gadgets.

  1. PS4 is now the second-best-selling console of all times. After it was released, around 108 million copies were sold, which made it the second most popular gaming console in the world. But still the PS2 remains at the top of the list: around 150 million copies were sold.
  2. Facebook is still growing even there was a lot of criticism lately because of political advertisements. It is still one of the most popular sites on the web. Another popular platform, Twitter, is now taking down all the political ads.
  3. Apple TV Plus will be free for students who have a subscription to Apple Music. Apple confirmed this information on Wednesday. Apple TV Plus costs 4.99$ per month, and it is the streaming service. Famous stars like Reese Witherspoon, Jason Momoa, Jennifer Anniston, and many others will stare on the shows that will be streamed on the service.
  4. Bug in the Apple Store has erased around 20 million ratings of apps over the last week. The bug has been first reported on October the 23rd, and only a week later it was fixed. Many companies reported that the ratings of the apps changed a lot.
  5. Apple might release three 5G iPhones in the next year. 5G is the latest wireless technology that is new to the market. The company states that the new iPhones with 5G technology will be released in 2020.
  6. A few days ago, the Apple company have released a new model of AirPodes called AirPodes Pro. They are wireless as well as the previous model of AirPodes. The design of the new model differs from the previous one a lot. One of the features that will be available with AirPodes Pro is the noise cancellation and transparency settings.
  7. Google promises to fix bugs in the newest smartphone Pixel 4. This means that in order to unlock the phone the users will have to open their eyes. During the first tests, the first users pointed out that the phone was unlocked without them knowing it.

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