The Most Beautiful and Captivating Sunset in Sikkim

The quaint Himalayan Kingdom of Sikkim keeps alluring tourists with its fascinating natural vistas. The beauty of spectacular mountains is the reason behind the popularity of Sikkim as a top north-eastern state.

Tourist places in Sikkim offer tempting panoramas that never cease to captivate the attention of visitors. Every natural phenomenon becomes heightened and magical in the land of Sikkim. Yes, even the views of sunrise and sunsets!

There is plenty of sunrise and sunset spots ideal for nature photography in Sikkim. They are perfect romantic spots in the city as well. You know there is an unbreakable bond between sunsets and love!

If you are going to visit Sikkim then, don’t forget to visit these places. Of course, you can’t leave the best part of the city. We are going to share the list of places with the best sunsets in Sikkim with you!


  • Tashi View Point, Gangtok:

Tashi View Point sunset


Tashi viewpoint is one of the top tourist places in Sikkim. It is located 8km away from the Gangtok Town in Tashi. People have named it a viewpoint because of the mesmerizing views which it offers. You can see the Kanchenjunga Mountain Ranges from this viewpoint. Tourists come here usually to savor the views of the third highest mountain in the world.

The place is also famous for appealing sunrise and sunset spectacles. Come here in the evening to see the sun sinking slowly into the mountains changing their hue. The scenery of high cliffs getting darker with every second as the sun sets is worth watching!

You can also see the renowned Phodong and Labrang monasteries in the opposite mountains. Climb up the steep flight of stairs to reach the circular viewpoint. It can accommodate around 20 people at a time. You can enjoy the vistas closely by using the binoculars or telescope mounted here.


  • Hanuman Tok, Gangtok:

Hanuman Tok sunset


Hanuman Tok is the temple of Lord Hanuman situated in Gangtok. But, it’s not just a temple where people come to seek blessings of God. People come here for serene ambiance and bewitching natural views. Yes, you can view the Kanchenjunga Ranges from this hilltop temple.

You will start seeing the greenery and breath-taking views the moment you start climbing the paved stairs.

The glimpse of fading sun along with the background chanting and sound of prayer bells will give you a divine feeling. Yes, maybe you can’t see the god but, you will surely feel the mystical presence in the sunset vistas. Offer your prayers or make a wish. It is believed to be a wish-fulfilling temple.


  • Ravangla:

Ravangla sunset


Ravangla is a small town settled between Pelling and Gangtok at an altitude of 7000 feet. It is home to plenty of hidden trails for explorers and trekkers. It is one of the best towns to watch the sunrise and sunset in Sikkim owing to its high altitude. Tourists come here to enjoy the enthralling views of Mount Kanchenjunga, Sinialchu, Kabru and Pandim.

Visitors come here mostly in summers when the landscape becomes even more fascinating with freshly bloomed orchids, rhododendrons, and other flowers.

The colorful flowers gain a unique shine by immersing the last rays of the sun during the sunset. The entire scenario becomes glorious as the sun fades gradually.  Well, anyone would fall short of words while describing the beauty of Ravangla during sunset! You can explore some other attractions like Ralang Monastery, Maenam Wildlife Sanctuary and Tibetan Carpet Factory here.


  • Tsomgo Lake:

Tsomgo Lake sunset


Tsomgo Lake is one of the highest lakes situated in Sikkim with an altitude of 12,000 feet. It is nestled 35 km away from the capital city Gangtok in the rocky and steep mountainous landscape. You would feel a mental peace just after reaching this tranquil blue waters lake.

The astounding views of lake become more appealing with beautiful sunsets here. The low gleam falling upon the lake water makes the panorama completely ethereal. Sit by the lakeside to view the sun calmly hiding behind the mountains only leaving a hint of tint in the sky! The beauty multiplies in winters when you can enjoy the sunset near the frozen lake.


  • Goecha La:

Goecha La sunset


Goecha La is one of the highest trekking trails in Sikkim. The peaceful, eye soothing vistas of this green place make it a paradise for all the trekkers. It remained covered with snow in winters and trekkers come here to embark on a thrilling journey.

The trekking voyage starts from Yuksom with a height of 1,700 meters and finally reaches at 4,580 meters high Goecha La. After a long trek of 11-15 days, you would reach the Goecha La peak. It is the best place to observe the sunrise as well as sunsets. You would witness the beauty of some of the highest peaks from here during the sunset. The color changing peaks due to sunlight makes it a picture perfect destination.


  • Dzongri:

Dzongri sunset


Dzongri is also a renowned trekking trail of Sikkim. It is perfect for novice trekkers and common people who wish to savor the views of lofty mountains without much struggle. You can reach here within a span of 1 week. Oak, pine, chestnut, magnolia, maple and rhododendron vegetation covers the snaky trails beautifully. The peak is located at the height of 4000 meters.

Trust us, the views from the peak which you will get after a week of trekking are truly rewarding! The distant Himalayan Mountains looks absolutely majestic at the time of dusk and dawn. Reach here in the evening to enjoy one of the perfect sunset scenarios of the entire Sikkim. Capture the images of clouds, butterflies and birds which perfectly complement the sky sight!

So, make your Sikkim trip a true bliss by visiting the places which offer the best views of sunsets. Nature lovers would do anything to visit these places. And hey, you won’t be able to resist visiting Sikkim again after viewing these dreamy spectacles. Rush to Sikkim to live your dreams!

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