Broad Core Algorithm Update – The Impact of Core Update on SEO

Have you seen a sudden drop in rankings or you’re suddenly rising up on the SERPs then it might be due to the Broad core algorithm update.

As Google is constantly working to give its users the best and relevant results, it releases a number of algorithms to wind down irrelevant results.

Let’s take a look at this algorithm update, how it affected the SEO and what should you do to deal with the core update.

Broad Core Algorithm Update and the Impact of Core Update on SEO

The announcement of this algorithm was made on August 1st, 2018.

This Medic update, another name of Broad core update, impacted many websites. Many noticed the drop in rankings and for some, the rankings rise up the SERPs thus the website SEO is affected by this. The algorithm basically worked to display the most relevant results on user search terms.

But what this algorithm does?

Google has released many algorithms and each affects the rankings and search results one way or another.

The official statement affirmed that the possible gain or drop in rankings has occurred should not be considered negatively. It imparted that the change has made to enhance how Google matches results applicable to the search inquiries.

Broad core algorithm update will check the site, look for the content that is unique, have relevant information, and will put that web page on the top position of the search engine.

Who was impacted by this core update?

For many SEO pros, it was very confusing as what this change is about. But, later it was revealed that it affected the rankings. Many healthcare sites and medical sites were impacted by this. As this “change was global”, you can estimate just how many sites might have become the victim of this update.

And that’s why it was nicknamed as Medic update.

But don’t get confused and think this update was made to target “Medic” sites. The number of YMYL sites affected by the algorithm was of that niche and suffered ranking drops.

This algorithm specifically targeted the YMYL (Your money or your life) because Google wants to emphasize on the safety of the user and suggestions and advice given on such sites are healthy to follow.

Other niche sites were heavily affected as well. Niche like finance, insurance, B2B (business to business), and e-commerce.

Many big sites claimed they noticed the drop in rankings and traffic went down the hill conforming they’ve been hit by the change.

But Google did say not to take the drop in rankings negatively as the change is made to give all the websites an equal chance to rank provided they have relevant content.

How to deal with this Google Shift?

This Google broad core algorithm update mainly targeted the sites that fall under the YMYL pages category.  The web pages or websites which could be categorized as YMYL are:

  • Any website which does not give authentic and genuine information. Basically, any which have low E-A-T ( Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness)
  • Websites which deals with medical conditions
  • Tax, finance or insurance sites or sites which focus on delivering legal information.

But another website should exclude themselves and think they are safe. The main idea behind this algorithm is to provide the user with what they need – a relevant and desirable result.

Here are few but important tips you can implement to protect your website from the core update:

Create Fresh High-Quality Content

  • If you own a website that falls under the YMYL category or YMYL types of sites; add quality and relevant content on your website. Hire expert SEO writers to make sure the information or advice you are updating on your website is not irrelevant or harmful.
  • Content is still the king so make sure to add quality content on the website. Low-quality site will negatively impact your website’s rankings and traffic.
    Google is keeping a close watch on sites that give advice, doing online counseling on financial issues, giving legal bits of advice or any life issue. Google wants such sites to have well-written content by the experts of the particular niche.
  • The content which Google wants for its user to find is of high quality, authoritative and trustworthy. So it’s high time to invest in content writing experts.
  • Keep on adding fresh content to your website pages which you the better rankings for.

Focus in E-A-T

  • E-A-T defines the expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness of the website. It has a major impact on Google’s Search Quality Guidelines.
  • The sites with low E-A-T are being hit the hardest, Google shift face the downfall due to its lack of “trust” element in the content. Those sites possibly had negative reviews, selling the products which are harmful.
  • Focus on building authority by building great quality backlinks through a well-planned strategy. This will help gain links which are of higher quality and relevant.

Create Good Backlinks

  • In SEO, backlinks still considered as the good way to improve the rankings and authority in your niche. The backlinks coming from high authoritative sites should be put into SEO practices.
  • Google track down links which are bought and paid for, links coming to your website with low authoritative sites and irrelevant sources.
  • As the E-A-T is the focus so the backlink should be created which fulfills the trust factor.
  • For building links that is correct, it is fundamentally about posting pertinent content with the goal that individuals will link to it constantly.

Avoid Duplicate Content

  • Duplicate content only effects negatively as Google rewards content which is unique. If the content on your website is found to be similar to the other website, you will see the drop both in rankings and traffic.
  • Frequently add fresh and unique relevant content to your website.
  • Google loves fresh content so keep updating your website content and blogs.
  • Make your webpage engaging by adding visual graphics like relevant images, Infographics, and videos.
  • Don’t compromise on the content of your website and reach out to experts to write quality content for you.

Another important element you should not overlook is website design. SEO friendly websites do well in both rankings and traffic.

If you want to retain your website’s rankings, improve website rankings and boost organic traffic, it’s better to stay up-to-date with important Google algorithm. Do a regular analysis of your website, keep a close watch on your rankings, check for spam backlinks and keep on working on your website focus pages.

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