Why Is Fire Safety Training Important For Your Employees?

A fire can break out anytime without notice, and people need to escape in no time from such emergencies.  Every workplace whether big or small needs to be safe from fire, and they should have a fire escape plan to deal with the fire like situations.

However, most businesses, especially the small organizations don’t have a fire evacuation or fire safety plan for their employees. They don’t offer any fire safety training to their employees. Read this post to know about the importance of fire safety training for every business.

Importance of Fire Safety Training For Your Employees

Fire safety plan

It is essential for every company to have a fire safety plan so that every employee knows what to do in case of a fire. People on their own don’t know how to respond in the fire like situations for their safety and the safety of others.

A fire safety training lets your employees know what to do and how to respond in case of a fire. The professional fire safety trainers offer you a fire safety plan that contains all the steps to take for safe evacuation from a building.

Prevent Fires

The fire safety training tells your employees about the precautions to prevent the fires. They not only train to respond in the fire breakouts but also to prevent the fire like situations at workplace. For example, the fire safety professionals in Melbourne tell you not to place electric cords and equipment near a source of fire.

They teach you to keep the fire safety equipment like fire alarms, fire extinguisher and emergency exits in good working condition.

Creating an emergency response team

Fire safety training can help you to build an emergency response team that would be the first to respond to the fires and other emergencies. The members of this team would be responsible for saving the life of others and guiding them to evacuate the building to reach a safe place. They may also be responsible for communicating with external fire safety services.

Using the escape routes

Usually, the untrained people get trapped in the fire like situations and some also create panic due to fear. Fire safety training tells your employees how to use the escape routes to get out of the building or the area of the fire.

Usually, the emergency exits are closed all the time, and some need a special technique to open. Fire safety training lets people know how to use the emergency exits for safe evacuation. You can check the fire escape plan to create a similar plan for your company.

Fire safety equipment

Many small companies and their offices don’t have fire safety equipment installed on their premises. These places are highly dangerous in case of fires and emergencies as they lack any life-saving equipment. The fire safety trainers guide the businesses to install the fire safety equipment at their premises to keep their employees safe in such situations.

Fire safety drills

Fire safety drills are a part of the training. However, companies should conduct a fire safety drill every 4 to 6 months so that the new employees can also learn how to deal with the fires at the workplace. The drills enable the employees to learn the use of fire safety equipment such as fire extinguishers and escape routes. They can teach which type of extinguishers to use for which kind of fires. For example, it is wrong to use water in case the fire breaks out due to malfunctioning of electrical equipment. They recommend using fire extinguisher foam on electrical equipment.

Dealing with panic situations

Sometimes the clothes of a person catch fire before he or she leaves the area. The trainers can teach the employees what to do in case of such situations to prevent and minimize the injuries. They explain the techniques to extinguish the fire on clothes like rolling on the floor, bending down in case of smoke, using the correct route, etc.

Helping others

Fir safety trainers can teach the employees to keep calm in case of fire like situations and help others. It is essential to maintain your calm and confidence to deal with emergencies. Keeping calm prevents people from creating panic and deal the situations in the best way.

Some tips to prevent fires

  • Keep the workplace clean and clear
  • Remove the debris and litter regularly
  • Mark the potential fire risks with proper signage
  • Repair and maintain the electrical equipment to avoid sparks and overheating
  • Maintain the mechanical equipment to prevent overheating
  • Use the equipment as recommended by the manufacturer
  • Beware of the possible ignition sources like flammable chemicals
  • Maintain the fire safety equipment like fire extinguishers, smoke alarms

Final Words

Fire safety training is essential for every organization regardless of its size. Taking care of the fire safety tips in this post and conducting the fire safety training for employees can help the organizations to prevent fires and deal with such emergencies safely.

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