Brooklyn Nine-Nine is canceled – But the show still might have a future

Brooklyn Nine-Nine canceled!
Believe it or not, this is the reality now, the show ran exceptionally well upon the initial release and first 3 seasons. But after that, the numbers seem to be going relatively down. Hence the plug has been officially pulled.


Brooklyn Nine-Nine fans are very disappointed that the show is coming to an end, and they think that this is a “mistake”. According to Fox, the final episode of the fifth and final season will air later this month. Brooklyn 99 Cast has thanked all the fans for the support after Brooklyn Nine-Nine canceled.  Many celebrities have also  publicly asked on social media for the show to be renewed.

Brooklyn Nine-Nine canceled – But still has a future

This show stars Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher, along with other great actors like Terry Crews and Melissa Fumero. All of them are on a team of detectives in the New York City Police Department. The show Brooklyn 99 launched  in September 2013, and since has been praised for its “intersectional representation” and “inclusive humour”.

Currently, the brooklyn 99 episodes are about to end with brooklyn 99 season 5 . But that might change at any time as Multiple Outlets Are Reportedly Battling to Save Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Although Fox has canceled Brooklyn Nine-Nine after season 5, multiple networks and streamers are Reportedly Battling to Save Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

After the news that Fox was canceling  Brooklyn nine-nine  social media flooded with common people and celebrities saying that it should not be cancelled and is a great show overall. This type of rambling over a show on the internet upon its cancellation makes some parties think about the future of this show. And the show can sustain itself out side the realm of Fox.

Hence, multiple outlets reportedly came out to grab a little piece of the action that Brooklyn 99 still might have going on.

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Brooklyn Nine-Nine renewal ?

Hulu, is the most likely to revive the series.
As Brooklyn Nine-Nine is produced by Universal TV which has some deep links with Hulu. And Hulu has done somewhat of a same thing before reviving , reviving an ending TV show on the internet. So maybe it can do it again with Brooklyn 99 after Brooklyn Nine-Nine cancelled.

Netflix is another possibility but, Netflix is less likely to get Brooklyn 99, since Hulu already has S.V.O.D. rights to Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

But doesn’t really matter who gets to renew this show. In our opinion, Brooklyn Nine-Nine cancelled because the numbers went down. For such an entertaining show its not really justice to end it in the blink of an eye. Hopefully, we will get to hear some good news regarding Brooklyn 99 in the coming future along with Air dates for the latest season in 2018.

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