5 Types of Pillows To Buy Online To Have a Comfortable Sleep

Everyone needs a comfortable sleep to recharge for the next day. Using pillows to rest your head or to cuddle on brings coziness and calmness during your sleeping time. Fortunately, finding the best pillow is easier now than before, since there are now a variety of pillows online to choose from. 

Each pillow type has its benefits and purpose. Some pillow types are used for neck rest and back support, while other pillows are designed in longer shapes for securing the babies while sleeping or a way to improve one’s posture.

Here are some types of pillows to choose from to achieve a comfortable sleep:

Feather Pillows 

Feathers, as a pillow material, are known for being light-weighted and soft. Small and highly-curled feathers are used in making feather and down pillows, which provide relief from pain such as stiff neck and back pain, unlike other pillow types. It is also a mouldable pillow that is easy to alter or scrunched for increasing comfort and support to the user. 

Memory Foam Pillows 

Memory foam pillows are made by using polyurethane and other chemicals. These materials increase the pillow’s viscosity and density. It makes the pillow react to the body’s heat and pressure that allows it to shape the shoulder and head in a natural position. Memory foam pillows are highly recommended for people with neck, shoulder, and back problems. 

Micro-bead Pillows 

This type of pillow is filled with micro-beads made with polystyrene. A microbead pillow is malleable and mouldable to sleep on and conforms to the spaces between the head and mattress while being used. The outside fabric is also made from a soft elastic material. 

There are many designs and styles of this type of pillows online. The most popular are the bean bags and travel neck pillows. 

Latex Pillows 

Latex pillows are known for their durability and resistant property on moulds/mildew. In terms of longevity, the pillows maintain their shape and support for at least three years on the average of regular use. Later on, it will flatten and compress. It can also ward off bed bugs and dust mites. This type of pillow provides a firm and cushioned sleeping pillow surface that is perfect for a good night’s sleep.   

Body Pillow 

Body pillows are usually over-sized, long, and narrow because they are meant to be cradled on the side when sleeping. Aside from comfort, it provides spinal alignment and pressure point relief. It is often used to prevent the person from rolling their back while sleeping to train the body to sleep sideways. Body type pillows support the right sleeping postures recommended for pregnant women.

When shopping for the best pillow, you have to first consider the purpose of buying it. Some people would only use it as part of the interior decoration at home, such as the bean bags and throw pillows. Others would use it as a sleeping pillow for babies and pregnant women, or just an ordinary pillow for a good sleep. In addition, the appearance and material used for the pillow matter the most in aligning to its purpose. 

On the other hand, always consider its material, surface texture, and durability. It will help your shopping decision so you can buy the right product worth the price and is long-lasting. With awareness of the basic details, finding the right pillow to suit your needs will be achievable.

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