Top 6 Popular Types of High Heels for You in 2020

Girls are very fond of wearing high heels because it enhances their personality in front of others. The right kind of shoe will boost your confidence level and transform your look. There are numerous heels available on both offline and online stores, but selecting the best one can be a difficult task.

A sandal is very important for a girl and you must have all kinds of footwear in your wardrobe. If you are a regular candidate of style then you must have varieties of comfortable heels that you can wear throughout the day. 

Choosing a heel is easy but choosing the right and comfortable heel can seem to be a difficult task. Heels showcase your personality in front of others. Just giving attention to your costumes is not enough, you must give attention to your shoe as well. 

Top 6 Popular Types of High Heels for You in 2020

Now, there are some instructions that you need to follow to choose the best types of high heels in 2020. I will recommend you not to choose a heel which is too high, because it will not be comfortable for you while wearing it. Keep in mind heels are not suitable for a long time. 

Therefore, let’s not make you wait any further; here are the top 6 popular types of heels that will draw all your attention for a while,

1. Ankle Strap Heels:

The name of the heel itself suggests that it is an ankle strap heel which means that a strap is fastened around the ankle. The slingback strap is available for more security.

For short dresses, this heel can be your best choice and you must have it in your wardrobe. It will make you more comfortable while wearing.

2. Stilettos:

Stilettos heels are for those who want a sexy look with a gorgeous outfit. It has various straps that will enhance your look. This heel is your suitable choice if you are getting ready for the parties, outings, wedding ceremonies, valentine’s day, etc.

It is an ultra-slim heel and has a height of 3 to 4 inches. It will make you look bold and gorgeous.

3. Wedge heels:

Wedge heels are another popular type of heel that everyone is aware of it. It delivers a pleasant walking experience and gives you a fashionable look throughout the wear. Wedge heels look very standard and it can be your best choice if you are looking for the best heels in 2020.

It is available in various shapes and sizes and it will surely draw all your attention for a while. These heels look very cute while wearing and has all the features that a heel should have. Without looking too much chunky, it delivers a comfortable fit.

This heel is the best choice if you are an office employee and looking for a suitable heel that will maintain your personality in front of others.

4. Platform heels:

Platform heels are popular all over the world and it has attracted everyone with its charm and look. These heels are very comfortable and are best for night-outs.

It adds some more inches to your height and enhances your personality in front of others. This heel is your best choice for every occasion and features an additional plateau in the front of the shoe. It has everything that footwear should have.

These platform heels are the first priority of every woman when they step their feet outwards and now it’s your turn to choose this footwear!

5. Square heels:

Square heels are another type of heel in which everyone is comfortable with. It is because square heels are very comfortable in walking and it provides maximum support.

On the other hand, square heels are also known as block heels. Square heels are rectangular in shape and the name of this heel itself suggests that it is a square heel.

You can also wear this heel for a longer time. It ensures maximum comfort to all girls. If you are searching for the best heel for the dinner date then this heel should be in your priority list.

6. Cone heels:

Now, here comes another type of heel that will hold all your attention for a while i.e., a cone heel. This heel is a thick sturdy base for a secure stand. Cone heels are very popular among teenagers.

The name of this heel is a cone because the shape is similar to cone. This is the reason why it is widely known as a cone heel. This pair of heel is timeless and versatile. 

The best benefit of wearing this heel is that it comes various shapes and sizes. Therefore, it gives several options to choose the best one. You can wear this heel on every occasion because this heel is suitable in your every outfit. This heel is one of my most favourite heels out of all.

The Final Thoughts

Therefore, these are the top 6 popular types of heels for you that you can choose in 2020. Heels are the must have accessory for all. Choose a comfortable heel with which you are comfortable while wearing throughout the day. 

On the other hand, the height of the heels that you will choose is completely dependent upon you that which one you should choose. You must first wear and then you can buy it. 

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