4 Prime Clothing Pieces for Your Newborn

Nothing can be more exciting than prepping up for your new baby’s wardrobe. When the baby comes to the world, you will be busy changing your baby’s clothes for the next 6 months since there will be a lot of mess and dirty clothes. You will have to make sure all the outfits you shop for your baby are all super easy to put on and equally easy to clean.

You will be thankful to yourself for picking up the softest, and the most comfortable pieces of items of clothing. Another important thing to note is to check out the sizes. Though it can be extremely difficult to predict the size of clothes, (because they outgrow your predictions most of the times) but you got to plan and shop.


  • Shirts:


Pick a soft and comfy t-shirt and turtleneck tees for the baby. Make sure all the t-shirts have enough room at the neck to make it easy to pass through the baby’s head. Go for one piece snaps that snap down at the crotch. Why? Such pieces of clothing are extremely comfortable for your newborn and are also easy for you to carry and take care of.


  • One-piece outfits / Jammies:


One piece outfits are the most adorable baby outfits there exist. They make the babies look like a super cute joy ball. Most of the times, parents prefer putting babies into jammies when it is bedtime. However, they look cute and make the baby the baby presentable during day time while on a trip to a family event with parents as well. Jammies are super convenient. It is one of the most important baby accessories online you might want to look for.


  • Leggings/ pull-on pants


The best thing about leggings or pull on pants is that they are quick to change unlike jammies or one piece outfits. While changing the leggings, you would not be bothered by assembling the whole new outfit, they are just changed in a one go.

However, parents must check the waistbands of the leggings and pick those which will be comfy and not too tight. And they should be such that when the baby puts on weight, they leggings will expand as well. You can always check out these baby items when there is a toddler clothes sale going on at an online store.


  • Beanies


Keeping the baby under the layers and protected is your prime goal during the winter. And a beanie cap is essential to let that happen. No matter how many layers you put your baby under, but when the baby’s head is exposed to the chilly air, there are chances the baby might fall sick. In addition to the need for beanie cap due to the winters, they are important to keep your baby’s fashion game on point.

Let’s be honest, no matter how small our baby might be, we would want him or her to look classy, no?

We hope that this guide proves to be of great help to your shopping struggle for newborn clothing. It is a fact that online shopping for women and kids has been made easier since online stores like WearGlam came into existence.

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