How Coffee Contributes to the Global Food Industry

A goat hoarder in Ethiopia somewhere during the 9th and 11th Century discovered that their goats have been eating a specific type of berry. This berry was from a plant that caused them to be highly energetic throughout the day. Fast forward to the 19th Century; the said berries were used to produce coffee. Coffee is one of the biggest sources of caffeine and the most popular beverage in the world. But exactly how and when did this caffeine-producing drink get global recognition? Here is an insight on coffee in food industry in the current world.

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Coffee’s Popularity | Coffee in food industry

Regardless of age, race, or taste, everyone loves Campos Coffee. What’s not to love about a warm cup of this bittersweet beverage with a beautiful aroma that can awaken the senses? Not only does it contain caffeine so powerful that it can cause an instant adrenaline rush. But also its unique taste from the roasted beans can bring a smile to one’s face.

Coffee’s popularity dates back to a few centuries. Today it is produced and manufactured in over 50 countries. Making coffee the most popular and in-demand beverage globally. According to statistics, Brazil remains to be the top producer of coffee worldwide in 2020. Brazil produces a whopping amount of over 3,500,000 metric tons of coffee annually. Second to Brazil is Vietnam at over 1,800,000 metric tons in a year. That’s a LOT of coffee!

The Rise of Coffee Shop Businesses

Campos coffee shops and cafes have popped up everywhere and spread out like wildfire. It is one of the places most people frequently visit these days for various reasons; either to relax or bond with friends and family or for business deals and meetings. But for whatever purpose a person may have, there will always be a coffee shop available nearby to satisfy every caffeine craving. 

Coffee is versatile as it can be served scalding hot or iced at any time of any day, and with different products and variants to choose from. One can enjoy various tastes and textures from one main ingredient. This is why coffee is one of the most traded commodities worldwide; the demand for it is higher than ever as people seem to get addicted to this drink, hence the popularity of coffee shops everywhere.


Providing Jobs

The discovery of coffee has catapulted the creation of various jobs for a lot of workers globally. Thanks to these magic beans, lots of people have been provided with secure jobs to help and support their families. These jobs include coffee farming, factory work for manufacturing and distribution, maintenance of equipment used in coffee production, and so many others.

The coffee industry has provided huge help to the economic crises that some countries have suffered from for a long time. With the availability of numerous jobs worldwide, the overall income of coffee-producing countries has increased. And will continue to increase in the years to come, as long as there are continuous productions and demand for coffee. 

The truth is, there’s definitely more to coffee than just a caffeine kick and beautiful aroma; it can bring friends and families together. Having meaningful conversations over a cup of hot or cold brew is one of the best experiences. A sip of coffee at the end of a chaotic day can instantly take all the stresses away!


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