Tips on How to Develop a Sustainable Beauty Routine

Recently, sustainability has become one of the hottest topics to ponder on due to the rise in environmental awareness, global standards, and consumer demand. Research carried out by Zero Waste indicates that there are more than 120 billion units of packaging produced annually by the cosmetic industry, with most being unrecyclable. 

What you didn’t know about cosmetics and toiletries is that once you wash them down your sink, they might have an adverse effect on the environment. For instance, a plastic moisturizer bottle takes more than 1000 years to decompose which not only negatively impacts the environment but also damages flora and fauna. 

Fortunately, you can help protect and prolong the life of the environment by developing a sustainable beauty routine. With cosmetics manufacturers implementing sustainable business practices, it’d be ineffective if consumers don’t develop a sustainable beauty routine. Here’s how to How to make your beauty routine more sustainable and eco-friendly;

How to make your beauty routine more sustainable and eco-friendly

Do your Research

It’s vital to do your research first before buying any cosmetics. When shopping, consider products with the Leaping Bunny and the Rainforest Alliance logo. These symbols indicate that the ingredients used to make the product are sustainable-friendly. The logos further suggest that the company never used animals for product testing.

It’s also recommendable to consider the ingredients of each product. Most exfoliating products and body scrubs contain microbeads, which are unsolvable minute pieces of plastic. Study shows that over 8 trillion microbeads are washed into waterways every day. All this led to the ban on microbeads, and you can take environmental responsibility by avoiding products with such ingredients. 

It’s also essential to avoid products with BHA and BHT, Coal Tar dyes, Aluminum, Dibutyl Phthalate( DBP), and Formaldehyde-releasing preservatives as these are unsustainable ingredients. 

Product Packaging

Next, ensure you check the packaging of the product. It’s advisable to opt for a product with minimal or no packaging, like shampoo bars and bar soap. Either way, you can check if the packaging is recyclable or not. Choosing refillable bottles also goes a long way in developing a sustainable beauty routine. 

Opt for Eco-Friendly Tools 

Besides purchasing sustainable beauty products, you can switch to eco-friendly beauty tools. For instance, buy a microfiber cloth to remove your makeup instead of using cotton pads or makeup wipes. Ensure you keep the microfiber cloths clean to avoid transferring dirt and bacteria to your skin. You can also use makeup blender instead of disposable applicators as they are a more eco-friendly alternative. 

Repurpose Mascara Wands

Rather than tossing your mascara wands in the trash after finishing a tube of mascara, you can alternatively repurpose them. After you clean them of any remaining product, you can donate them or even use them to brush your eyebrows or lash extensions. 

Don’t Leave The Water Running 

One thing you might not realize is that the water you use can take a toll on the Planet. Never leave the water running once done with washing off your makeup. It’s recommendable to splash your face with water and apply your cleanser with damp fingers before you turn the faucet off. Proceed to massage the shampoo over your face then turn the water back on for a rinse off. 

Apart from the sustainable beauty routine you individually adopt, you can look out for trusted companies like Anokha that produce cosmetic products using natural ingredients produced from renewable raw materials. If you apply these tips, you’ll not only improve your quality of life but also have peace of mind.

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