How To Cope With Failures In Life [Career, Exams, Relationships]

Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently, says Henry Ford.

I have been a winner all my life. I never faced a single failure. Everybody knew – if I am doing anything, I’ll be doing it with complete perfection and I will succeed as well. And then something happened, and it changed my perception of life and winning completely, “I failed”.

I felt devastated, demolished, small, and torn up inside. I never for even a second imaged me failing. I was a winner – how can I fail? But, it happened – after all the great hard work and thorough planning, I failed.

This made me question my existence, my perfection, and not just my perfection but the word “Perfection” itself. Later that day, when I was aimlessly scrolling through my Instagram feed, I came across this quotation narrated by Mr. Henry Ford and it felt like I’ve got all my answers. I didn’t fail because I was a failure, I failed because I was actually a survivor! This time, for the very first time in my life, I embraced being not completely perfect. I accepted being a failure. I strived and tried again, and this time, I won.

Today, in this blog, I am going to help out all those people who have been failed and are feeling shattered. This post is especially for all those failures who are not actually failures but the unrealized winners. Here is my motivation for how to cope with failure and come out as a real winner. Read along!

How to cope with failure in life [career, love, anything, and everything]

Failure is a piece of life. It could come in any form; a difficulty, an emotional letdown, a separation, a misfortune, yet part of the motivation behind why the experience is so unimaginably excruciating is on the grounds that at some level you believe you failed. You may be hesitant to concede this even to yourself, so you ostensibly mark it as developing agonies or progress; in any case, inside you’re a wreck.

Numerous individuals will make a huge effort to abstain from failing so they don’t need to feel terrible and devastated. Knowing how to adapt to failure steadily removes a portion of the dread from coming up short—and it may diminish the torment so you can bounce back better than anyone might have expected. Regardless of whether you were denied an advancement at the workplace or you neglected to meet all requirements for a marathon, falling flat feels terrible. Here are some approaches to adapt to failure.

how to cope with failure


The first step to cope with any failure you have faced in your life is to examine it. This will consume you and won’t be fun to deal; yet, mending and recuperation begin when the fact of the matter is uncovered. Falsehoods keep you out of the loop and anyway you attempt to turn your circumstance most importantly reality matters. Time and again individuals endeavor to weaken the circumstance with extravagant words or an adorable story, however, this just postpones the agony. Also, deferring the torment can cause more clash. Find the root cause, analyze the situation and your feelings, and understand why you overlooked at it in the beginning.


The second step to cope with the failure is to accept the failure. Be straightforward with yourself. It is important. At the point when something bad happens, there is accentuation on excusing others, including yourself. Be that as it may, you can’t excuse yourself for that which you are not acceptable in the first place.

What’s more, you can’t completely excuse yourself as long as you limit the blunder. This doesn’t imply that you are excessively disparaging of yourself, however, it implies being straightforward and acceptor. Give yourself consent to feel the agony. After a failure happens, the quick mode for some is moving ahead in light of the fact that not very many want to be available with torment. This is the reason when torment exists individuals regularly utilize a substance to weaken the power of the hurt. A few people utilize work to stay away from the agony. Be that as it may, figuring out how to be available with the torment is basic in mending. This is definitely not an indication of shortcoming. When you promptly cover the torment you don’t know and recollect what your enthusiastic benchmark is so when mending begins to happen you can’t remember it. Failure harms, however, recuperating is conceivable and acceptance of the failure is bliss.


Inspire yourself. Once you have examined the situation and accepted the failure, now, you need to be inspired and be thankful. Worse could have happened. When you come up short, it frequently feels like the world is plotting against you. The minute that you understand that failure isn’t constrained to you; you can inspire yourself to get up quicker. Failure is typical, and each effective individual can disclose to you a bundle of times that they were similarly situated. On the off chance that they could prevail after failure, at that point you can as well.

One inclination that nearly goes with failure is that of uselessness. To battle this inclination, you have to list down all the times that you succeeded. And every time you have an emergency of certainty, return to that list and see that you are equipped for progress.

Barely individuals comprehend the intensity of the psyche. When you come up short you have to settle on a cognizant choice to be sure instead of hopeless. In the event that you do be hopeless, it will be significantly harder to get back up from your failure. In any case, on the off chance that you develop an inspirational attitude, at that point you can proceed onward from every failure without losing your eagerness and drive. Keep in mind, an inspirational mentality will prompt positive outcomes, while a negative attitude will prompt negative outcomes.


When you have failed at something, you have to make sense of your next step. Proactiveness is an incredible quality to have, and it is vastly improved than floundering in distress and doing nothing to change your circumstance. By settling on choices about your activities post-failure, you can begin heading towards progress as opposed to stalling out in failure. So, focus on being available to the greater opportunities and commit for a better future. This is while being willing to be a student of life is so imperative. When you think you are sure of everything and that life has nothing to show you, at that point, you will rehash your slip-ups. Taking in another approach to see circumstances can be the specific key to your next progress. Learning is a powerful tool. You end up mindful of everything that you didn’t have even an inkling. When you see the shortages in your insight base, utilize this as a chance to develop and change.

Being a student of life, your most noteworthy instructors may be the normal people you wouldn’t dare hoping anymore affect you. In any case, when you are available to gaining from all, you will find that the individual by you may be your guide. In some cases, it isn’t the individual with the extravagant Ivy League degree that will furnish you with better vision.

Strike Back

Whenever you fail, just close our eyes and envision what succeeding will be like. By envisioning your prosperity, it winds up unmistakable instead of something out of your scope. Also, when you fortify your uplifting outlook, you give yourself the inspiration that you have to proceed on your adventure to progress. Keep in mind that remaining a failure is a decision. When you come up short at a major assignment, at that point you can enhance your certainty by prevailing at little errands. So concentrate on little yet more achievable objectives, and prevail at every last one of them. This is straightforward and inspiring, and all the little advances that you are taking will, in the long run, lead you back to your substantial endeavor. Keep in mind, a win is a win, regardless of how little it appears. Once you will make your mind that you are not a failure and it was just a temporary set back, you will be ready to strike again.

As Napolean Hill explains the failure,

“Before success comes in any man’s life, he is sure to meet with much temporary defeat, and, perhaps, some failure. When defeat overtakes a man, the easiest and most logical thing to do is to quit. That is exactly what the majority of men do. More than five hundred of the most successful men this country has ever known told the author their greatest success came just one step beyond the point at which defeat had overtaken them.”

So, take a step back, get yourself organized, strike again, and win this time.

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