Falling Short of a Fitness Goal?? Here Are 7 Steps to Get Back on Track

The most common New Year resolution is to exercise more and achieve a better, stronger and fitter body. Physical exercise is important for our overall health so we should commit to this goal. But, in order to achieve a goal we need to be consistent, work daily and commit to it. If you made a fitness goal, but seem to fall short, learn how to meet your fitness goals in 7 steps.

How to Meet Your Fitness Goals in 7 Steps

Start With the Pros and Cons List

Getting back on track after a binge, holiday overeating or any other reason can be hard. When people face the fact that they failed to reach a certain goal, their first reaction is to give up. But, the proper reaction would be to retrace a few steps back and try again.

If you lack the motivation to start exercising again, make a list. List the most important reasons to exercise. What made you start exercising in the first place? Follow it up with the list of reasons to stay where you are and stop exercising. If you stop and give up on your fitness goals, would that make you happy? 

The decision to stop won’t make you happy, so you have to force yourself to go to the gym. The list of cons can be your best motivation to workout when you feel like staying home. After a while, you’ll regain the motivation and go to the gym without this self-talk.

Take a Closer Look at Your Schedule

If you’re in it for the long-term success, you have to reevaluate your schedule. Many people fall short of their fitness goals because they stop having time for regular exercise. This is nothing but an excuse because everyone has the time. If you label your workout as a high priority event on your to-do list, you’ll find the time to make it happen. 

For example, you can exercise before work. This will fuel your day for success. You’ll start the day with an energy boost, have a positive mood and better focus. 

If you like to get to work first, then do everything else, you can exercise right after work. You will cancel all accumulated stress, feel better and achieve more reps because your body received proper fuel during lunch.

Either way, schedule blocks of time for exercise throughout your week and make it a priority. If you skip your afternoon workout, make it up with a morning exercise the next day.

Don’t Push Yourself Too Far Too Soon

You might be eager to get back on track with your workouts and push through your best scores after just two sessions. But, such behavior is not recommended. This is especially true if you got back after a long break. 

The best results are achieved if you pace yourself. You need to get back to your regular routine slowly. Slow and steady wins the race, right? Start with the basic exercises and use comfortable weights. If you can do 10 to 12 reps without breaking a sweat, then you are on the right path. 

If you start your fitness journey with the same weights you used months ago, you can just hurt yourself. Increase the weight accordingly as your strength increases.

The 2-Day Rule

The best way to commit to your long-term health and fitness goal is to practice a 2-day rule. The main purpose of this concept is to develop a positive habit by sticking to it at least 2 days in a row. When translated to exercise, you should exercise for two days in a row and pause for one day in between sessions. It is not recommended to take a longer pause between workouts. 

If you want to be one step closer to your goal with each exercise, you can split your workouts like this. Monday – exercise, Tuesday – exercise, Wednesday – rest day, Thursday – exercise, Friday – rest day, Saturday -exercise and Sunday is the last rest day of the week.

Even when you don’t have much time, you need to stick to this schedule to make a habit stick. It’s the sum of all efforts that matter in the long run.

Follow Through With Your Diet

A proper diet can only make your fitness goal more attainable. As much as you have to stick to your exercise schedule, you need to stick to your diet. If your poor dietary choices led you to fall short of fitness goals, it is time to let a professional guide you.

To jumpstart your progress towards your fitness goal, you can have professionals like My Muscle Chef prepare and deliver your daily meals. Maybe it’s time to start your keto journey to use fat as energy and maintain muscle mass.

Change Things Up to Avoid Boredom

Following the same workout routine longer than three to four weeks leads to muscle adaptation and workout boredom. Your body won’t burn as many calories as it should and it will also burn less fat. If you want to achieve progress, burn fat and increase the muscle growth you need to switch things up during your workout. 

A new sequence of exercises will engage different groups of muscles so that the overused ones can recover. Performing the same movement underweight over and over again can even result in an injury. Make sure to vary the type of exercises, number of sets and repetitions and the intensity. Drop sets and supersets can make even the most boring routine engaging, challenging and fun. 

The Secret to Success is Discipline

When all of this is said and done, the only secret ingredient to success is discipline. If you exercise 4 times a week, incorporate progressive overload and commit to your diet, you will achieve your fitness and health goals. Even if you slip up, just continue where you left off without any guilt.

Every day counts so commit to giving your best. Making yourself a priority is the key to any long term goals. When you do this, you’ll commit to your fitness plan and become disciplined.

When you approach your goals in a positive way, the road to achievement won’t be difficult. A bit of motivation, discipline, and commitment will bring you one step closer to your goal with each exercise.

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