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Your Cybersecurity Picture and why it matters.

Do you have a Cybersecurity Picture, or do you even know what a Cybersecurity Picture is? If you know and understand what a cyber security picture is, are you “picturing” it correctly.

Your cyber security picture is a fusion of elements such as; knowledge, awareness, and personal investment in high-quality cyber security defense products. The picture should evolve consistently and on an ongoing basis.

This picture can be understood as a picture that is made up of a few smaller pictures coalesced together.

Let’s explore some of these smaller pictures to see your cyber security picture. And perhaps help those around you do the same. It is a collective societal responsibility to build millions if not billions of these crystal clear cyber security pictures. And share them on social media with pride and exemplary prowess.

Cyberdefense Products

Cyberdefense products are an extremely important part of the picture; the first step to beautifying that picture is to explore some malware protection companies. Ones with an unwavering passion and pursuit to protect all your devices in an end-to-end fashion. 

A company with a proven track record and demonstrated experience with countless happy and confident customers. Products such as antimalware, VPN, firewalls, and security appliances should be in your shopping portfolio.

The Knowledge Picture

The knowledge picture is a significant portion of your cyber security picture; it helps define the WHY, WHAT, and HOW behind your cyber security strategy. It is the foundational starting point to get on the right cyber security track.

The knowledge journey can begin from looking up a malware definition online to reading about cyber security, hacking, and cyber-crimes, making a career out of it, and becoming a “cyber defender” such as a CyberOps Associate CyberOps Professional, CCNP Security expert, or even a CCIE Security expert.

It does not have to end there; anything is possible if the passion and purpose are there. Becoming a thought leader in the cyber security realm is also a possibility. Imagine where you are now and where you can be a year from today.

The Social Picture 

The social picture, also known as social engineering, is a powerful tool used by cybercriminal organizations and lone hackers. A “new” or “existing” friend who will gain your trust over time, hence the social engineering aspect, with an agenda to access your laptop either to commit cyber theft such as access your online banking account or for corporate espionage is a very likely scenario. For example, you work for a company that a cybercriminal organization is planning to cyberattack, and your “friend” only needs about five minutes on your laptop to access all company cloud accounts you are connected to, including emails. 

Within a few seconds, they can plant spyware on your laptop, rendering a 24/7 mirror view, and recording all your device activities from keystrokes, screenshots, account credentials, and much more. 

The Awareness Picture 

Regardless of how exceptional your cyber security picture will be at some point, your 24/7 awareness will always encapsulate the entire picture. This means if you are not looking at that picture consistently, it is likely not to serve its intended purpose entirely.

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