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How to make a DIY instant ice cream machine

Making a DIY instant ice cream machine is not really that hard. If you know where to start, chances are that you can make a DIY instant ice cream machine in around 15 minutes. And you can actually make it better than some of the instant ice cream machine you see online. It will cost you cheaper, and there will be love in every single scoop of this homemade ice cream.

Things you need for DIY instant ice cream machine

Here are some of the things that you will need while building your instant ice cream maker:

  1. Some Peltier devices
  2. Thermal paste
  3. A computer power supply
  4. Two metal trays (one bigger than the other)
  5. A large heat sink
  6. Some wires, and zip ties/glue

Believe it or not, that’s about all the items you need for an instant ice cream maker. Don’t worry yet if you do not know how to make ice cream. As there are various videos available on that online, and we will also show you below how to make ice cream. Right now, we focus on how to create the DIY instant ice cream machine.

Some useful information :
(A Peltier device is basically a heat pump. When electricity is applied to them, one side gets really cold and the other gets really hot. If you can manage to remove more heat from the hot side, the cold side will get even cooler)

Building the DIY instant ice cream machine

Okay, so assuming that you already have the items mentioned above. Let’s begin building your very first DIY instant ice cream machine.

Step 1
Apply some thermal paste/thermal glue on the heat sink and then place the Peltier devices with the text facing upwards.

Step 2
Apply more thermal paste/thermal glue on top of the Peltier devices and then place the smaller tray on top.

Step 3
Secure the tray on the heat sink with zip ties or any other way. This needs to be very tight so, make sure the contact between heat sink, Peltier, and the tray is really tight and the Peltier in well sandwiched in the middle.

Step 4
You can use any number of Peltier devices you like, the more the better as more will make ice more quickly. If used more than one Peltier connect all the red wires of Peltier together and solder them together. Do the same for all the black wire as well.

Step 5
Use a 1000watt computer power supply unit to power up your DIY instant ice cream machine. Connect the positive and negative terminals of the 12 volts output to your Peltier wires.
Refer to the manual of your power supply or search online if you cannot find the positive and negative terminal.

Step 6
Place the bottom of your heat sink in the larger tray. Then half fill the larger tray with water so that the water level is not close to Peltier but the heat sink remains submerged in the water and stays cool.

Step 7
That’s about it. You now have yourself a DIY instant ice cream machine.
How to make ice cream on this instant ice cream maker? See below.

How to make ice cream on the DIY instant ice cream machine?

Assuming that you have completed the DIY instant ice cream maker and now are ready to make instant ice cream on it. Here’s how.

Half fill a small bowl with double cream or heavy cream and then half fill it with sweet condensed milk. So that you have a fifty-fifty ratio of condensed milk and cream. Whip the mixture, and keep mixing it until you get the required consistency which looks like melted ice cream.

When you have done this, most of the part of making an ice cream is done! Now you can add any flavor you like to this ice cream. Either inside the mixture or you can add some small chopped fruits when this mixture is on your DIY instant ice cream maker.

Pour the mixture on top of the smaller tray which you see on top of your instant ice cream machine. Plug in and turn on the power supply and then you will start cooking or rather freezing your ice cream instantly.

You can use spatulas to separate and spread your ice cream mixture on this tray until it starts freezing.

When done you can either make rolls of this ice cream on this same tray using spatulas or you can simply place this homemade ice cream in a plate and serve.

Enjoy Your Homemade Ice Cream!
And do share pictures below if you made one.


 How to make DIY instant ice cream machine – Video from DIY Perks

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