What Is Your Personality Type?

Ever heard about “The Sixteen Personality types” or have you ever wondered which specific personality type do you belong in?

Maybe you had no idea about it before today, so let me begin by stating the truth about how accurate these personality types can define you. When I first took the test, I was literally surprised by the accuracy of the results, like WHAAAATTTTT?!

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And, no, I am not bragging it. You may take a test online or you can just read all these sixteen personalities below and decide who you are!!

Let me tell you, one of it is so gonna describe you, like, Yesss, this is meee!!

And then you will too become the believer of how amazingly this has wrapped the humankind in ONLY 16 PERSONALITIES.

So, without wasting a second more, let’s begin talking about the sixteen personality types and help you find out, “What is your personality type?”

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Personality Types

There are total 16 personality types that literally generalizing every different person in this world. As per the theory of Carl G. Jung based on the psychological kinds, individuals can be described by their inclination of the following attributes.

  1. General Attitude: Either Extraverted (E) or Introverted (I)
  2. How They Perceive: Intuition (N) or Sensing (S)
  3. How They Judge: Thinking (T) or Feeling (F)

The three regions of inclinations presented by Carl C. Jung are divisions. Jung additionally suggested that in a man one of the four capacities above is predominant – either a component of discernment or an element of judging. Isabel Briggs Myers, an analyst, and specialist of Jung’s hypothesis proposed to see the judging-perceiving relationship as a fourth polarity impacting personality type,

4. Judging (J) or Perceiving (P)

The primary measure, Extraversion and Introversion, means the source and bearing of a man’s vitality articulation. An extravert’s source and heading of vitality articulation are essentially in the outer world, while a loner has a wellspring of vitality chiefly in their own particular inside world.

The second basis, Sensing-Intuition, speaks to the technique by which somebody sees the information. Sensing implies that a man chiefly trusts data he or she gets specifically from the outside world. Whereas; Intuition implies that a man accepts principally data he or she gets from the inward or inventive world.

The third measure, Thinking-Feeling, speaks to how a man forms data. Thinking implies that a man settles on a choice for the most part through rationale. Feeling implies that, when in doubt, he or she settles on a choice in light of feeling, i.e. in light of what they believe they ought to do.

The fourth measure, Judging-Perceiving, reflects how a man executes the data he or she has handled. Judging implies that a man composes the greater part of his life occasions and when in doubt, adheres to his designs. Perceiving implies that he or she is slanted to ad lib and investigate elective alternatives.

The Sixteen Personality Types

Every single conceivable change of inclinations in the 4 divisions above yield 16 distinct personality types. Speaking to which of the two posts in every one of the four polarities rules in a man. Every personality type can be relegated a 4 letter acronym for the comparing blend of inclinations:

What Is Your Personality Type - sixteen personality types


Self-assured and blunt – they are headed to lead. Fantastic capacity to comprehend troublesome authoritative issues and make strong arrangements. Wise and very much educated, they, as a rule, exceed expectations at open talking. They esteem learning and capability and ordinarily have little persistence with wastefulness or disorder.

Strengths: Efficient, Energetic, Inspiring, Charismatic, Self-Confident, Strategic Thinkers, Strong Willed

Weaknesses: Intolerant, Impatient, Stubborn, Dominant, Cold, Arrogant, Ruthless, Bad at handling Emotions


Innovative, clever, and mentally quick. Great at an expansive scope of things. Appreciate discussing issues, and might be into “one-up-manship”. They get extremely amped up for new thoughts and activities, however, may disregard the more normal parts of life. For the most part, frank and self-assured. They appreciate individuals and are empowering organization. Incredible capacity to comprehend ideas and apply rationale to discover arrangements.

Strengths: Knowledgeable, Brainstormers, Quick Thinkers, Energetic, Charismatic

Weaknesses: Argumentative, Intolerant, Distorted, Impractical, Insensitive


Reasonable, traditional, and sorted out. Prone to be athletic. Not inspired by hypothesis or reflection except if they see the handy application. Have clear dreams of the manner in which things ought to be. Steadfast and persevering. Like to be in control. “Great natives” who esteem security and serene living.

Strengths: Dedicated, Honest, Strong-willed, Organized, Patient, Loyal, Reliable

Weaknesses: Inflexible, Judgemental, Find it hard to express their emotions, Do not relax


Versatile, friendly, and, firm believers of “Actions speaks louder than words”. “Practitioners” who are centered around prompt outcomes. They’re daring individuals who live quick paced ways of life. Restless with long clarifications. To a great degree faithful to their partners, however, not typically aware of laws and principles. Awesome relationship building abilities.

Strengths: Bold, Rational, Perceptive, Practical, Original, Sociable

Weaknesses: Impatient, Insensitive, Risk-prone, Unstructured, Defiant


Popular and delicate, with remarkable relationship building abilities. Remotely engaged, with genuine worry for how others think and feel. Normally loathe being separated from everyone else. They see everything from the human point, and abhorrence unoriginal examination. Exceptionally viable at overseeing individuals issues, and driving gathering dialogs. Intrigued by serving others, and presumably put the necessities of others over their own particular needs.

Strengths: Reliable, Charismatic, Tolerant, Leaders, Selfless

Weaknesses: Too Selfless, Too Sensitive, Overly Idealistic, Indecisive, Low Self-Esteem, Highly Critical of oneself


Energetic, optimistic, and inventive. Ready to do nearly anything that interests them. Extraordinary relationship building abilities. Need to live as per their internal qualities. Energized by new thoughts, however, exhausted with points of interest. Liberal and adaptable, with an expansive scope of interests and capacities.

Strengths: Curious, Enthusiastic, Popular, Skilled Communicators, Energetic, Observant, Friendly

Weaknesses: Overthinkers, Emotional, Overly Independent, Distorted, Anxious


Thoughtful, famous, and upright. Tend to put the necessities of others over their own particular needs. Feel solid awareness of other’s expectations and obligation. Esteem customs and security. Intrigued by serving others. Need encouraging feedback to like themselves. All around created the feeling of room and capacity.

Strengths: Practical, Dutiful, Loyal, Warm, Sensitive, Comfortable

Weaknesses: Inflexible, Bad at taking criticism, Needy, Too selfless


Carefree and people-oriented, they make things more diversion for others by their delight. Living for the occasion, they cherish new encounters. They hate hypothesis and indifferent examination. Intrigued by serving others. Liable to be the focal point of consideration in social circumstances. All around created the presence of mind and handy capacity.

Strengths: Bold, Practical Original, Performer, Aesthetics, Excellent People Skills

Weaknesses: Sensitive, Easily Bored, Bad at planning, Unfocused, Conflict-averse


Autonomous, unique, investigative, and decided. Have an extraordinary capacity to transform hypotheses into strong plans of action. Exceedingly esteem learning, ability, and structure. Headed to get significance from their dreams. Long-run scholars. Have exclusive expectations for their execution and the execution of others. Normal pioneers, yet will take after in the event that they trust existing pioneers.

Strengths: Quick, Imaginative, Confident, Independent, Hardworking, Determined, Decesive, Open Minded

Weaknesses: Arrogant, Overly-analytical, Unromantic, Judgemental


Coherent, unique, innovative masterminds. Can turn out to be extremely amped up for hypotheses and thoughts. Incredibly fit and headed to transform hypotheses into clear understandings. Exceedingly esteem learning, ability, and rationale. Peaceful and held, hard to become acquainted with well. Individualistic, having no enthusiasm for driving or tailing others.

Strengths: Analyst, Open-minded, Abstract Thinkers, Objective, Straightforward, Original, Enthusiastic

Weaknesses: Private, Absent-Minded, Condescending, Insensitive, Always Second Guess Themselves


Genuine and tranquil, keen on security and serene living. Amazingly exhaustive, capable, and tried and true. All around created forces of fixation. Normally intrigued by supporting and advancing conventions and foundations. Efficient and persevering, they work consistently towards recognized objectives. They can normally achieve any assignment once they have made the decision to it.

Strengths: Honest, Responsible, Dutiful, Direct, Calm, Practical, Strong-willed

Weaknesses: Judgmental, Insensitive, Stubborn, Blame themselves


Peaceful and reserved, inspired by how and why things function. Superb abilities with mechanical things. Daring people who they live for the occasion. Normally inspired by and capable at extraordinary games. Uncomplicated in their wants. Faithful to their associates and to their inner esteem frameworks, however not excessively worried about regarding laws and principles on the off chance that they hinder completing something. Separated and expository, they exceed expectations at discovering answers for viable issues.

Strengths: Optimistic, Creative, Practical, Energetic, Spontaneous, Relaxed, Rational

Weaknesses: Private, Easily Bored, Dislike Commitment, Stubborn, Reserved


Unobtrusively intense, unique, and delicate. Tend to stick to things until the point that they are finished. Greatly natural about individuals, and worried about their emotions. Very much created esteem frameworks which they entirely stick to. Very much regarded for their perseverance in making the best decision. Liable to be individualistic, instead of driving or following.

Strengths: Creative, Insightful, Inspiring, Determined, Decisive, Passionate, Convincing

Weaknesses: Sensitive, Perfectionistic, Extremely Private, Impatient


Calm, intelligent, and hopeful. Keen on serving humankind. Very much created esteem framework, which they endeavor to live as per. Amazingly steadfast. Versatile and laid-back except if an unequivocally held esteem is undermined. Generally capable journalists. Rationally fast, and ready to see conceivable outcomes. Intrigued by comprehension and helping individuals.

Strengths: Idealistic, harmonizer, Open-Minded, Passionate, Dedicated, Hard-Working, Flexible

Weaknesses: Too Idealistic, Impractical, Take criticism seriously and personally, Hard to understand


Tranquil, kind, and reliable. Can be relied upon to finish. Generally puts the necessities of others over their own particular needs. Steady and pragmatic, they esteem security and conventions. Good feeling of room and capacity. Rich internal universe of perceptions about individuals. Amazingly insightful of other’s emotions. Inspired by serving others.

Strengths: Supportive, Reliable, Imaginative, Loyal, Hard-Working, Observant, Patient

Weaknesses: Too Humble, Repress Their Feelings, Too Shy, Overload Themselves, Too Selfless


Calm, genuine, delicate and kind. Do not conflict, and not liable to do things which may produce strife. Steadfast and loyal. Not intrigued by driving or controlling others. Adaptable and receptive. Prone to be unique and inventive. Appreciate the present minute.

Strengths: Charming, Imaginative, Passionate, Curious, Artistic, Imaginative

Weaknesses: Fiercely Independent, Unpredictable, Overly Competitive, Doubt themselves, Easily Stressed

This is a little introduction to the sixteen personality types, their explanation, and how they were formed. And stay tuned as I will be posting the detailed blogs on every personality type very soon.

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