Duck Life 2 – World Champion; How to Play this Super Fun Game

Today I want to introduce you duck life 2 – world champion, which is a new version of all known game duck life. This new game brings a lot of cool stuff, so everybody can see the tendency of improvement, which also brings some good feelings for future plans for this great game. Here are the details about this super fun and spectacular game, Duck Life 2 – World Champion.

Duck Life 2 – World Champion

The first big change in the game is that now, you can give the name to your duck. Also, when the game starts you have to choose if you want sound or not. I think that melody is great, but sometimes you might prefer to turn off the sound. The intro is really interesting, so my personal advice is to carefully read the dialogs between two duck so, at the end, you will probably understand your aim in this game. You must train you to duck in order to become a champion racer and beat all the competitors.

However, it is not so easy, first of all, you must go through different stages of training and develop some necessary skills. Duck Life 2 world champion includes new training modes, such as climbing training and flying training. In climbing training, you must use left and right arrow keys to jump between each side of the canyon. Try not to get caught on the various ledges, avoid the obstacles and collect as many coins on the way as you can. Remember: Don’t go off the screen, otherwise, you will lose the game.

The new design is probably the key feature of duck life 2 because icons look better and the menu is, more friendly for new players.

Now let’s talk a little bit about race. If you enter in the race, at the begging you only have a chance to qualify in one place and it’s Scotland. To be fear, from my personal experience there are much better rounds but remember, it’s your first time in the race. If you come first in any race in Scotland, you will win a 50 coins and a secret mystery prize. However, If you win the final, your level limit will be raised to 50. In Scotland there are 3 rounds, first one is cliff jumping then flying round where you must fly off the platoon into the lake and finally swimming round based on duck race.

There is some kind of Olympic rules, in the beginning, you have to complete first round in order to open second and finally the last one. So after all these steps, you will win the race in Scotland.
In case if you ran out of energy, don’t forget to eat seed or even super seeds for maximum power. Both seeds can be easily purchased from the dispensers or from the shop. The price tag is also different, super seeds are expensive and they cost $15, when at the same time normal seeds cost $1 but don’t forget that super seed give you twice energy than $1 seeds.

Here I want to give a great tip: The more you play, the better the result you have. Gradually you can gain some sorts of skills, which will help you to pass different round and mission faster. For example: in swimming round, you must remember how to avoid different obstacles. Those barriers become hard to pass in every new version of this game, so you must train yourself in training rounds every day, to develop your skills in 4 main activities.

For a lot of people, this game is pretty simple, just another great example of how the real flash game should look like. So play new duck life 2 and enjoy!

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