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Advantages of Using Social Networks for your Business

Electronic commerce or e-commerce refers to commercial activities such as the purchase and sale of products and services carried out through electronic systems such as the Internet and computer networks.

Electronic commerce has proven to be a suitable alternative for people who want to buy and make transactions from the confines of their home.

However, there are certain challenges related to the security of a client’s confidential information that must be addressed.

The history of electronic commerce dates back to 1970, when electronic data interchange (EDI) and electronic funds transfer were introduced for the first time.

Since then, the rapid growth of electronic commerce has invaded almost every aspect of a business, such as supply chain management, transaction processing, Internet marketing, and inventory management.

But like any conventional business, electronic commerce is also characterized by some inherent advantages and disadvantages. Let’s look at some of these important advantages and disadvantages of electronic commerce.

Opening a virtual store is logically more economical because it allows companies to grow with fewer resources by avoiding the payment of local rent, services, salaries, and so on. It is also cheaper because when advertising their products online, they are advertising on the Internet, which is a cheaper means of promotion than advertising which is used in traditional media. Patrick Mackaronis is one of the founders of Brabble, an app that combines the worlds of social media and eCommerce in one convenient technology platform.  Pat Mackaronis also serves as the director of business development for the company.

Social platforms offer a great opportunity for your e-commerce business to increase its customer base, learn more about your shopping habits and also generate loyalty. Then we talk about the advantages of using social networks for the E-commerce of your business.


The use of social networks allows you to increase the customer base by building an online presence. Not only that, your marketing campaigns may include a target audience that you could never reach through local advertising.


Another advantage of social networks for E-commerce is that you can use the presence of your brand so that your customers and your followers know what your business is about. And when you offer them great content, your followers are more likely to share what your brand offers with their friends and family. In other words, social networks give more visibility to your business.


Using social networks also helps you advertise promotions and special offers, plus you can use online content to let your audience know more about the personal side of your brand. That is, the content can help you create a connection with your potential customers, increase your consumer base and also loyalty to your brand.


The E-commerce can also benefit from social networks from engagement and customer interaction. These social networks allow you to make comments, suggestions, requests and share doubts about your business. This can help you find just the kind of product your potential customers are looking for.


Through social networks you can target specific demographic objectives so that the products are displayed exactly to the target audience you are targeting. By targeting a specific group of potential customers, you can make the most of your marketing investment.

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