Far Cry 5 Review – Is this the best Far Cry game till date?

The fifth part of far cry has just been released and the internet is stormed with Far Cry 5 Review, as many people are searching for what the game really looks like first hand. What is the storyline, and most importantly will this be better than the Far Cry Primal?

Well, the Far Cry 5 takes part in America this time, modern America. There is a little county called hope county run by a gang the leader of which thinks of himself as Jesus Christ himself. We can see that in the trailer, But what is the player’s role in this game, and more importantly what new features are included in this game.

First of all, starting a Far cry game based in America must have been a challenge for the developers of the game. As far cry games are usually very gruesome and fearful, filled up with blood splashing video game action. To find that kind of environment in America must have been a difficult task. but as the developers at UbiSoft say themselves that after spending 24 hours in Montana they realized this is the direction to go.

So many things are in reality inspired by what has been happening in Montana.

Main Features of Far Cry 5

For a proper Far Cry 5 Review, you should first know some new features of the game.
The 3 major features of the game are;

1 – Guns for hire
The player can recruit gunmen and even normal people (NPC) roaming around in-game as hired guns.
And start a revolution again this so-called cult. This is an integral part of the game as the question arises how many people can u hire in as guns for hire.



2 – Fangs for hire
Fangs are actually the pets that you can have in Far Cry 5. Just like before in Far Cry 5 you have the option of having scout pet that can attack, grab weapons from your enemies, and hunt for you. Initially, you have only one pet which is boomer a dog. But later on in the game, you have the choice to add more as you go on.



3 – Friends for hire (Co-Op)
You can play the far cry 5 story mode in multiplayer mode too. They are calling it the Friends for hire (Co-Op), Its about time that video games make story missions multiplayer too so that you can play the same story mode with your friends and complete missions with their help. Friends for hire is truly a unique and bold step taken by Far Cry. And it’s only a matter of time that upcoming games take this similar approach to enhance the multiplayer game and player experience as a whole.


Far Cry 5 Review

Already you can find various walkthroughs and the gameplays on YouTube and so far it is looking pretty decent. Whether you are playing individually or with a friend,  there is a lot to do in the open world. The missions themselves in the story mode are epic and vast so that you can have a pretty decent experience exploring them.

Not to give away any spoilers but the opening sequence of the game is one of the best we have seen, ever. As from the very start of the game you get quickly drawn into the game and try to survive and combat. This all feels very natural, and with time playing the game you polish your shooting and combat skills. You can even throw a shovel like a bow at your enemy, which is cool. Actually, these type of little advancements in the gameplay is what keeps far cry above many other titles.

The three main features which are mentioned above (guns, fangs and friends) are what really drives this new Far Cry experience. As even if you have any one of these three you don’t really feel alone while playing. With guns, you can feel as a part of a small gang while on a mission, fangs provide your pet love, and multiplayer or friends for hire (Co-Op) is really what video games should be all about.

A great storyline, amazing gameplay, new kind of multiplayer capabilities, more pet animals these things, in a nutshell, are what you should be looking forward to if thinking about getting into Far Cry 5. But could this really be called the Best Far Cry game so far?
Well, it’s really a matter of personal preference…
For us at TrendMut, the best Far Cry game is still the Far Cry Primal.
Although this new one The Far Cry 5 has some great new features but everyone got to have some favorites.

Overall the Far Cry 5 is a spectacular game with in-depth precision towards the story which makes it one of the Best Openworld games of 2018.
If you are not among the lucky ones who got far cry 5 pre-order, not to worry.
See below for discounted prices for the game. And also comment down below what you think about our Far Cry 5 Review.


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