Workout equipment for beginners 2018

Exercise equipment is the first thing that a beginner should know about. Sure, you can follow one of the many gym trainers on YouTube and get a smacking body. But the real tricky part is picking the right equipment to do so. When thinking about workout gym equipment is what comes to mind straight away. But what if we told you that you can get the similar fitness equipment at about one-tenth of the price?

An average beginner needs workout motivation and a well-planned exercise routine. The Workout plans are executed well only if the proper workout equipment is available. Beginners find it easier to maintain an exercise routine with proper equipment and accessories like workout clothes or workout music. You can search online and find out many workout routines for beginners along with videos. But that is not our topic. We just want to list out some of the best exercise equipment that you can get at your home to start up your exercises and move swiftly towards your fitness goals.


Here is some Exercise Equipment for Beginners

Along with where to buy them online.

1) Dumbbells

Dumbbells are awesome. Anyone who wants to start working-out cannot do so without this common fitness equipment.
Dumbbells can be purchased at different prices and weights accordingly, There are numerous exercises that you can perform using only dumbbells for your upper body workout. Many beginners only buy dumbbells to keep in their house. This provides them the ease of exercising whenever free at home. Keeping a set of dumbbells at home improves or benefits your gym workout too (if you are already going to a gym). Apart from that, just get a pair of dumbbells for your home and you will see yourself automatically working out.



2) Weight bench / Bench Press

A weight bench or bench press provides slightly inclined posture for lifting weights on a bar or dumbbells. This tool is necessary for a workout as it corrects your body posture and gives the necessary muscles the right amount of tension. Along with lifting weights, you can also perform some other exercises on it like abs and stomach exercises.



3) Yoga Mat

Yoga mats are plain and simple. They are comfortable enough that you can lie them down on any kind of surface and start about your daily workout session without thinking much about the surroundings. Many bodyweight exercises are useful for beginners to start with like push-ups and stretching. These can be performed easily on a yoga mat. Also if you are into yoga and think it can effect largely on your healthy lifestyle then you need a good yoga mat for everyday exercises.



4) Track Suit

If you have no Exercise equipment at home and still want to get up and running. Then we suggest you get a conformable tracksuit for jogging or any kind of exercise be it equipment related or not. Most tracksuits are specially designed keeping in mind the way a body moves during a workout. It just provides a stressless way of doing your routine exercises. It doesn’t matter whether you work out in a gym, your own home or a park, you need a proper suit in which you can relax during a workout.


5) Treadmill

Treadmills have always been a friend to those who don’t want to go out or don’t have the space to run outdoors. Its simple technology that mimics your running motion and helps your legs muscles especially. Along with this the more you run the better you will feel, running reduces the rate of heart diseases as it is a cardio exercise. This natural exercise is too simple just get a treadmill and start running. And you will see your own body perform miracles.



Thought on the matter

Beginners need guidance when starting a workout. Fortunately, that is available online at a thousand places. But the proper workout equipment is hardly mentioned. So, you can get the above-mentioned exercise equipment to get started even if you don’t know how to workout as these are just basic things that you start with immediately. Don’t expect rapid changes in your body unless you are putting in the good amount of work in your exercises.

Even if you get any one of these things and give about one good hour on it a day then you will see your body take shape sooner than you think.

And if you are keen to make a healthy diet plan then also read about what to eat post-workout. Our diet plan might help you to double the process of getting healthy and fit.

Happy healthy life!

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