A Guide to Finding the Right Workers’ Comp Lawyer in Joliet, IL

Home to over a hundred and fifty thousand people, Joliet is a charming Illinois city that has been rapidly developing in recent years. Over seventy percent of its male and sixty-three percent female population are employed in the local economy. Workers’ compensation makes it safer for these professionals on the job, enabling them to seek benefits if they sustain injuries at the work premises.

It can be difficult for residents or those injured at the workplace for the first time to know where to turn for reliable information and advice. Fortunately, some lawyers specialize in such cases and can provide invaluable assistance when navigating this complex system. A Joliet workers compensation lawyer can come in handy when you need help.

How to Find The Right Workers’ Comp Lawyer?

Here’s what you should chiefly look for in an attorney in Joliet to help you in a workers’ compensation case.


A local lawyer with several years of industry experience knows how to navigate the Illinois legal system, read medical records, and deal with insurance companies. They are also incredibly knowledgeable, unlike inexperienced attorneys new to practicing in Joliet. It gives them the skills to determine the most intelligent way to move your case forward. For instance, amateurs might need to learn that Illinois functions on a no-fault system, meaning that injured workers can claim benefits regardless of who was at fault.

Consider their track record

Looking at past cases, you can evaluate an attorney’s track record. A good lawyer will have several favorable settlements on their client’s behalf, and they will be able to show you how they won their case. Browse their website to know the kinds of issues they handled for Joliet residents and the average settlement they could win for their clients. Typically, a capable Joliet lawyer should be able to get anywhere from $900,000 to a million dollars and more for work injuries, depending on the case specifics.

Average lawyer fees for workers’ comp

The average lawyer fees for workers’ comp in Illinois are typically a twenty percent contingency fee, as specified by law. Generally, you pay nothing unless your attorney wins your case. If you do, they get paid based on their percentage of your final compensation, which can vary from one case to another, depending on various circumstances such as market trends, legal statutes, and more. However, ensure there are no hidden costs before hiring a lawyer and entering into any agreement with them. Some offer free case evaluations, so ask for this to know how affordable the services will be and your chances of winning.

Overall service quality and other assistance

While it helps to find a Joliet workers compensation lawyer with experience in your type of case, you should look at the overall quality of service they offer. That’s because each lawsuit is unique and requires specific skills. For example, if you were injured on the job but when working in a different location, it would be ideal to hire a lawyer who specializes in these scenarios.

Also, reputable Joliet attorneys can handle other cases like motor vehicle accidents, nursing home injuries, dog bites, wrongful death, and more. So, look for a local legal specialist who can offer more for less money, making it easy for you to hire the same expert for various cases.

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