How to Fix msvcp140.dll Missing in Microsoft?

Error messages are sometimes common when you try to run a game on your Microsoft computer. The right approach is to know how to fix it. Usually, a game requires certain programs to support it to run. 

Similarly, you might not be able to execute a program because the file was missing from the system. The most convenient way to solve the problem of msvcp140.dll missing from your PC is to reinstall it. But there are steps involved that you should follow so that there are no future issues. These include: 

Restore the Program Automatically

If you feel comfortable with your computer skill, you can use the built-in program in Microsoft to diagnose the tool. However, if you do not have the time or the expertise, an automatic tool will work just as well. Usually, the root of the problem is very specific, in either the hardware or software. 

An automated program checks the hardware, security, and missing system files. All of these are done one by one so that errors can be found systematically. Since the program works without needing much prompting for the user, it will automatically restore the missing files to your system. 

Along with solving the problem, it will also resolve other issues and restore damaged files that may cause further issues. Installing the automated program will be easier than manually hunting down the missing program and installing it on your computer. 

Install the File Yourself

It is perhaps the first thought that comes to the mind of many people. When the error message pops up with only this requirement, one can look for ways to install this file manually. There are several reliable websites that allow you to download a fresh copy of the program for free. 

It is easy to install, and they will even have steps to guide you during the process. You can also see how to install it as per your Windows update

Copy From a Reliable Source

If you do not want to get into the hassle of downloading the file, you may ask for help from someone who already has it or can download it. The file will be copied from their PC and transferred into your system. 

It is important to only copy from a computer that is not versus because then you will expose your computer system to damage from a corrupted source. It is also important to only copy from a computer that runs on the same operating system as your PC. 

Install the Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable Package Again

The file may be part of a larger problem, all of which can be fixed by reinstalling the Microsoft Visual C ++ Redistributable package. It is a part of the 2015 package, and all computers automatically have this. However, since the msvcp140.dll missing error message is popping up, the file is still there but has been damaged or corrupted. 

In such a case, you can download the package from Microsoft support and install it on your PC again. This package helps you run all C++-based applications, so it is important to run most programs. Third-party websites may only allow you to download the file instead of the package. So, it is important to only look for solutions on the official website. 

There are different ways to solve the issue, which can suit anyone who may or may not have a lot of technical expertise. Getting an automated program or taking help from Microsoft support are both good solutions. You can also ask for help from a trusted friend. 

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