Fortnite Season 7 – First Teaser of Fortnite Season 7 is out

It appears just a couple of months prior that Epic Games carried pets into our lives with the dispatch of Fortnite season six, yet it’s now time to state farewell to the momentum season. With the Halloween season finding some conclusion season, seven is headed to authoritatively welcome winter to Fortnite, in any event, dependent on Epic’s most recent Twitter bother.

The picture in the teaser positively seems, by all accounts, to be winter-themed, with a shadowy figure made up of stars in the night sky and two gleaming white eyes. The figure is outlined in ice blue ice and a white field that is spotted with dark at the edges. Other than the general cool theme, we aren’t getting much from this teaser picture, yet there may be a couple of things we can haul out.

Above all else, the figure the picture is centered on surely gives off an impression of being wearing a crown or some likeness thereof and doesn’t actually look well disposed of. What precisely this implies is difficult to tell, yet it could be a bother of another metagame scalawag or — no doubt — a bother of one of the up and coming Battle Pass skins for the new season, which could wind up resembling a cross between the Lich King from World of Warcraft and the Night King from Game of Thrones.

All the more vitally, however, no doubt there’s a little figure on our new dim and-frightening companion’s shoulder. In the event that you look somewhat nearer, no doubt this figure is … snowboarding? It appears as though this could be an allude to another repairman or thing in the game that could enable you to race around a recently snow-secured outline.

This tweet is only the first of what’s certain to be numerous prods about the up and coming season from Epic throughout the following a few days and keeping in mind that those might reveal some insight into the changes, we’ll need to hold up until the point that the season dispatches no doubt. As per the tweet at that went with this teaser, Fortnite season 7 should release on Thursday, Dec. 6.

Be that as it may, the new season isn’t the main thing that Epic is prodding about Fortnite. As per official tweets, there’s additionally an extraordinary declaration coming at The Game Awards on Thursday, Dec. 6. While this declaration appears to be flawlessly coordinated with season seven, Epic has illuminated that it’s something different completely.

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