Early signs of heart diseases

Signs of heart diseases are most of the time most apparent but ignored. This results in grief later.

It’s better to look out for early signs of heart diseases so that they can be cured on time. Heart diseases are the number one cause of deaths around the world followed by cancer. But unlike cancer heart diseases can be cured and prevented from very early on. There are a few Signs and Symptoms of heart diseases that you should be aware of.

Heart diseases usually occur due to improper diets or lack of cardio exercises. So, even if you think you have a healthy lifestyle and no signs of heart diseases what so ever. It is still better to exercise or at least jog every day for 15, 20 minutes. This makes sure that the heart pumps blood to all parts of the body efficiently and since in today’s world most jobs are office based and people don’t really move much. So the chance of heart blockade or other heart diseases is very high.

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Many patients that are admitted to the hospital after having a stroke are asked for these signs or symptoms that they have felt before. Astonishingly, most of the people agree to such signs even months before having a serious heart problem. That is the natural way of your body telling you that something is wrong. Human body indicates illness or sickness in very early stages most of the time. And if you know what the indications are telling you then you might have a chance to reverse the disease before it becomes extreme or spreads throughout.

Early Signs of heart diseases

1) Discomfort in Chestheart attack - 2018 - early signs of heart diseases - TrendMut

Heart diseases can cause arteries in the heart to block. This is the major reason for a heart attack. Even if the blockade is not severe you can still feel it. This causes a discomfort feeling in the chest. Most people misread this a just minor chest pain. But if you have been feeling discomfort in the chest for quite some time now. We suggest that you visit your doctor immediately.


2) Feeling Nausea, Indigestion, Heartburn, or Stomach Pain

Apart from chest pains, some other similar feelings can be observed like nausea, indigestion, heartburn or stomach pains. All these are collaborative symptoms pointing out that something is wrong in the torso region. If you are feeling all these things together it could also be because of some other illness. But if you have been feeling these for a while now this could mean a possible heart disease.

3) Pain in Arm (left)

When a heart disease or heart blockade spreads the arms are the first body part to feel pain (left arm mostly). This is because the ring finger in the left arm has a vein that is directly connected to the heart. And the human heart is on the left side of the body, so most people start to feel in the left part of their body.

4) Feeling Dizzy / Lightheaded

Since main arteries in the heart start to block in case of a heart disease. This stops or limits the flow of blood from the hear to your brain which causes lightheadedness or dizziness. Some people even faint due to this.

5) Pain or discomfort in Throat or Jaw

Mostly Throat or jaw pain is not related to any heart condition. But if you can feel the pain starting from your chest and then spreading towards the throat or jaw then this could mean a serious heart condition. This kind of feeling is often reported right before a heart attack.

6) Exhausted Easily

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Again due to heart not functioning properly most parts of the body start to get blood deprived. And this results in people feeling exhausted easily, even if they are not doing any physically challenging tasks like exercising, etc. People with heart diseases just want to relax more, as any extra exercise puts more pressure on the heart. This is advised by the doctors too. But if you are already feeling more exhausted than usual in your daily routine. Then it’s better to have yourself checked by a doctor.

7) Sweating frequently

A heart condition can cause frequent cold sweats for no reason. If you feel like you’re having this kind of sweats along with the other signs of heart diseases. Then it’s better to go to the hospital as soon as possible.

8) Coughing frequently

If you are feeling long lasting coughs that just won’t stop along with chest pains. Then this is a symptom of a  heart disease. Generally, a white or pink mucus is produced along with coughs indicating a heart failure.

9) Swollen body parts (usually Legs, Feet, Ankles)heart attack - 2018 - early signs of heart diseases - swollen body - TrendMut

Swollen body parts are also an indication of heart failure. In most cases legs, feet or ankles although these similar parts can be swollen if you have kidney issues. But in most cases, this happens because the heart just can pump enough blood to these parts of the body. Which them to swell up.

10) Irregular Heart Beat

The most simple thing you can check yourself to know if your heart is in good condition is your heartbeat. Just take any analog clock and try to check whether your heartbeat syncs with the second ticks on the clock. If not, then call your doctor immediately. A healthy heart should not skip a single heartbeat for no reason.
Although in some cases heartbeat could be irregular due to too much caffeine or lack of sleep. But still, these are also good enough reasons to get your heart checked, as they can result in something major if not looked upon and cared for.


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Most of these signs of heart diseases are interrelated, none of them should be taken likely. Even if for a second you feel something can be wrong with your heart and it matches one or more of these symptoms of early heart diseases. Quickly rush to the nearest hospital.

You never really know how bad your heart condition is unless you get it looked by a professional.

And to avoid these signs and symptoms of heart diseases you can try living a little more healthy lifestyle and exercise.
Even lightly, a little bit of jog or powerwalk everyday has huge health benefits in the long run.

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