How much does a gaming chair cost?

What is the average cost of a good gaming chair? Depending on the qualities and features, most gaming chairs cost between $200 to $400. It is the average price of the gaming chair. The cost of a gaming chair entirely depends on the features and custom customization. Good quality of gaming chair demands a high price. If you can compromise on the quality, you can find the best gaming chair under 200.

Choosing the best gaming chair is as important as choosing the perfect desk height for your gaming setup.

If you consider the prices of gaming chairs, there are different varieties. For your ease, I have divided the gaming chairs based on quality and cost.

  1. Cheap chairs (chairs of low quality and features)
  2. Mid-range (chairs of mediocre quality and features)
  3. High-end gaming chairs (best quality chairs)

Quality and features of a gaming chair that cost less than $200:

In appearance, the gaming chairs of low cost look precisely like the gaming chairs of high price and expensive chairs, they are also prevalent. So, there is no difference in their appearance. The main difference is in the quality. The foam of gaming chairs that cost less than $200 is not of good quality, and they use less expensive foam which becomes flat after some time. The chair is also small in size, not the right choice for those who are tall. 

UV leather or fabric used for the covering. The quality of the leather is also not very good. The weight capacity of the gaming chairs that are less than $200 is approximately 220lbs. – 330lbs. The Armrest of these gaming chairs is not adjustable. The backrest comes fixed and flexible, as well.

Quality and features of gaming chairs that cost between $200 and $350

A large number of gaming chairs come under this range. The gaming chairs of brands DXRacer, AKRacing, Vertagear, etc. also come under this cost.

These chairs have a highly upgraded quality. The foam used in these chairs is durable and of good quality. The leather used for covering gives a better feeling.

Due to high competition in the gaming industry, every company tries to manufacture the gaming chairs of multiple features. Under this range, the gaming chairs are of good quality and contain numerous features.

The weight capacity of these chairs is up to 220lbs. – 330lbs. The Armrest is of 1D or 4D. The backrest of these chairs adjusted up to 180 degrees. The excellent quality of these chairs is that they have different sizes; their sizes vary from small to big.

Quality and features of gaming chairs that are high- end and cost more than $350

If you cannot compromise on quality and comfort, then you must spend a cost of more than $350 to buy your dream gaming chair. Brands like DXRacer, Vertagear, AKRacing, etc. are well known for selling the most expensive and comfortable chairs. In the range of high- end, the most famous chairs are noble chairs.

These chairs are of the best quality and elegant looks. Manufacturing companies put a great effort into making these high standard chairs. These chairs contain best foams, leathers, and high-quality material.

The weight capacity of these chairs is 265lbs. – 400lbs even more than that. The Armrest is of 3D or 4D. The backrest of these chairs adjusted up to 180 degrees. The size of these chairs varies from medium to very big.

The top quality of these chairs is 4D armrests, which are present in almost all high-end gaming chairs. The expensive gaming chairs are large, but they also vary from company to company.

The essential features of gaming chairs to consider are:

  • The adjustable backrest 
  • The armrests 
  • Lumbar support 
  • The rocking chair tilt

Does a question arise why these are the essential features of a gaming chair?

These features are essential for the ergonomics chair. The adjustable Armrest will provide you with a comfortable place for your elbows. The adjustable backrest is necessary to find the best suitable and relaxed angle for your back, 

These essential features must be present in a gaming chair. It is impossible to find these features in gaming chairs that are of low cost under $100.

The high-quality chairs contain all these features. In the low-cost gaming chairs, the adjustable armrests and backrests are not present, and the lumbar support is also there, but it is not of good quality.

The most expensive gaming chair:

The most expensive gaming chair in the market is The Secretlab Titan Nappa. It is a splendid gaming chair completely covered with Nappa leather. The cost of this costly and comfortable gaming chair is $1000. If you want to buy the most expensive gaming chair do buy Secretlab Titan Nappa, it is fantastic.

Cheapest gaming chair:

It is quite laborious to find the most affordable gaming chair. Gaming chairs come under the cost of $100. On Amazon, the most inexpensive gaming chair is available at the expense of $50. If you are in a mood to buy a gaming chair, try to buy a good one. The gaming chairs that are low in cost lack many vital features that must be present in a gaming chair. If you purchase a low-cost gaming chair, it will be like an ordinary office chair.


In the markets, gaming chairs are of different qualities and costs. The excellent quality gaming chair must be available at the expense of $200 to $350. A good gaming chair must have an adjustable Armrest and backrest. The foam must be durable long-lasting; the leather must be of good quality. Low-cost gaming chairs lack some features that are essential for a perfect gaming chair. In the market, a waste variety of gaming chairs is available. The most expensive gaming chair is $1000, and the cheapest gaming chair is available at the cost of $50. If you want to buy a gaming chair, do not compromise on quality and try to buy a good quality gaming chair.

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