Top 5 IT Jobs for Starters

IT or Information Technology is referred to as a stream of opportunities that will guide you to a positive and successful route. IT is all about computers, and computers are evolving every day. Information technology is continuously paving new roads to success and laying new foundations for tremendous growth in the tech world.

Career Scope in IT

The field of IT is enormous, and this field offers a very promising and bright career to those interested in IT. Technology is turning a revolutionary point, and every company is hunting for strong talent in IT. From the security-based sector to the sectors based on data interpretation, the IT industry promises a successful career. It has been estimated that IT offers the highest paid jobs in the corporate world. There has been an IT upsurge in the world where the industry of IT continues to flourish, and thus the demand for tech professionals is rising.

In-Demand Jobs, Required Skills and Average Salary

If you want a promising career in the corporate world, you should start with basic training to prepare you for the right entry-level job. Below are mentioned the top five best IT jobs for you to start your career in the tech world.

  1. AI Architect

AI refers to artificial intelligence, which is also sometimes referred to as machine learning. Getting a job as an AI architect requires certain experience and skills, but most importantly it involves knowledge about data science. AI architecture is a promising field to start your career. The average salary of an AI architect is $143,750 annually. Your salary increases with experience, and you can earn as much as $189,000 per year.

Required skills:

  • You must know several programming languages and the processing of these languages along with machine learning.
  • This job requires critical time management and quick thinking.
  • You must have knowledge about the programming of AI applications.
  1. Cloud Architect

As the name indicates, this field consists of arranging, managing and administering miscellaneous applications of the cloud. It builds an efficient cloud computing strategy, because the applicant must have strong knowledge on how to operate the systems together with expertise in programming and networking. The average salary of a cloud architect is $141,750 annually, and it can go as far as $196,250 per annum.

Required skills:

  • The applicant must have good presentation and communication skills.
  • He/she must have proper command on all of the strategies of the cloud as well as the principles of architecture.
  • The architect must recognize the performance and system costs of the cloud.
  1. DevOps Engineer

A DevOps engineer deals with the developmental and operational systems of the IT industry, and because of these engineers the code is efficiently deployed with lesser mistakes or failures. The average salary of the DevOps engineer is $115,750 per annum, and with increased experience you can earn as much as $179,250 annually.

Required skills:

  • Must be familiar with the skills of scripting and coding.
  • A DevOps engineer must be able to manage the data and operations of the company efficiently.
  • You must be able to convey the details of the system prolifically, so good communication skills are necessary.
  1. System Administrator

System administrators must have the knowledge of every system, hardware, network and software of the system so that they can train the rest of the members of that department. The average salary of the system administrator is $84,750 per annum, but he/she can earn a maximum of $117,250 per year.

Required skills:

  • Must have several certifications to oversee administrations.
  • The candidate must know how to resolve the issues uprooting in the servers along with the upgrading of hardware, systems and software.
  • The applicant must understand how to recover and back up sensitive data.
  1. Security Professional

The security professional job refers to the security of information, systems, cloud, data and the network. There are many digital attackers, so a professional is required to tackle the incursions of digital attacks in the system. The average salary of the security professional is $97,655 annually, and it can reach as far as $153,500 per annum.

Required skills:

  • He/she must have efficient communication skills to convey the policies of security.
  • The candidate must be able to secure and manage the coercions and susceptibilities of the system.
  • Must have prolific knowledge about the systems of security and the failures that come as a result of those systems.

Everybody with talent in technology is receiving valuable training and certifications regarding their chosen field, so why should you stay behind?

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