Gigi Hadid And Zayn Malik Are Together Again And Officially!!

So, Gigi Hadid and Zayn Malik are together again and it’s official now!

Gigi Hadid who has been too busy these days with her work has taken her time out of her working schedule to spend some romantic moments with her said-to-be ex, Zayn Malik. Here are the details…

Gigi Hadid And Zayn Malik Are Together Again And It’s Cute

Gigi posted a photograph of herself with Zayn on Instagram Stories. While the “Dusk Till Dawn” artist’s face isn’t clear in the picture, his platinum blond buzz cut and tattoos are pretty clear and effectively recognizable. In the genuinely mellow PDA photograph, Gigi is resting her head in Zayn’s lap while he is playing on his iPad, inscribing the shot, “After party like making it rain Pokémon cards.” She likewise wrote over the picture with Pokémon gifs and a heart emoticon.

The duo announced their breakup back in March on their Twitter pages. However, not long ago, we heard that Zayn Malik wants to get back together with Gigi as he is missing her and he thinks it was something real. Well, seems like he has regained her trust and they are finally and officially back together. Here is a picture evidence of how cute they are together.


Now, after looking at the picture you would ask, how are we so sure that this is really Zayn Malik, and not prove that Gigi Hadid has an unmistakable type? Well, the answer is, his tattoos. Gratefully, Zayn Malik posted a shirtless pic of himself a week ago, which is a useful decoder ring in this secret. His hair is still hummed and blonde and the tips of the wings on his chest tattoo are reaching out finished his shoulders in Gigi’s picture.

Hence Proved. And with this, we would like to send our love and wishes to the ever cute couple. We are happy to see you both back together!!


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