What is Guest posting and How To Do It – A Simple Guest Blogging Guide

Today, we all know the importance of guest posting from the SEO perspective. However, if you don’t already then in this post, we will talk about what is guest posting and how to get guest blogging opportunities. Let’s begin!

What is Guest posting (Guest blogging) in SEO

Guest posting — otherwise called guest blogging — is the act of contributing a post to someone else’s blog with the end goal of building connections, awareness, and authority of the site. This is regularly done via precisely researching and composing an article, and afterward talking to the high DA sites that offer guest posts and getting the article published.

The advantages of getting a guest post on an expansive site are tremendous. With little exertion, you can have a huge number of eyes on your article, your name, and even your organization name inside the writer bio area of the site. It is a standout amongst the best types of internet marketing accessible.

How To Do Guest Blogging


Determine your end goal

Before we start, your first undertaking is to choose what your objective for guest blogging is. Knowing this objective early is key in deciding the correct sort of blog to submit guest blogs on. Regularly there are three main objectives for guest blogging.

  1. Branding
  2. Driving traffic
  3. Building backlinks

With the correct sort of content on the best blogs whop offer guest posting, you can do every one of the three of these things. Knowing your objectives ahead of time will help you in figuring out which blogs will be the best for you to submit guest posts on.

Find Guest Blogging Opportunities

The second thing you will need to do is to find the right guest blogging opportunities and make the most use of it. The easiest way to do this is through thorough research. Make sure to avoid submitting your post to any site accepting guest post. Here is how to find the best opportunities for guest posting step-by-step.

  1. Search “submit a guest post”, “write for us”, or other relevant queries on Google.com
  2. Search prolific guest bloggers in your industry
  3. Look into competitor’s backlink
  4. Make searches on social media platforms
  5. Go for high DA sites after all the quality of the link matters
  6. Join Guest posting or Guest blogging groups on Facebook for further assistance
  7. Follow people or companies who actively guest blog

Contact for guest blogging

You can’t just reach the website owner right after you discovering guest blogging opportunity. Initially, you have to do the following research and tasks before you propose a guest post for a site you’ve recently found.

  1. Look into the site’s guidelines for the guest post
  2. Analyze their content writing criteria
  3. See how other guest posts do
  4. Draft your guest post by following the guidelines and content requirement
  5. Write an email to the owner
  6. Describe who you are, your industry, brand, and give other necessary details
  7. Win their trust with your sample posts
  8. Once they like you and your sample posts then share your guest post with them

How to Compose A Good Guest Post

One of the very popular questions concerning guest blogging is whether you ought to utilize your best substance for your own blog or for your guest posting. It truly relies upon the nature of the blog you are presenting your content to. Coming up next are some great tips for making your guest post as marvelous as it could.

  1. Write a good quality post with word count ranging from 500-1000 words
  2. Add high-quality images, gifs, and videos (if necessary)
  3. Include a call to action for comments, leads, or subscribes
  4. Add internal and source links
  5. You might as well add code to embed your YouTube video or a tweet or a Facebook post

Once you’ve got your guest post published then don’t just leave it there. Make sure to engage in comments. Also, don’t just depend solely on the website owner to share the post on social platforms. Do it yourself for more engagement, exposure, and traffic.

Keep an eye on the results

At the point, when the final goal is to drive traffic, the outcomes of your guest blogging should be estimated. The most ideal approach to do this is to make an Advanced Segment in Google Analytics to discover how exactly are you driving the traffic and which is the best source of getting traffic. All you require is one fragment utilizing the source measurement with different proclamations for every space that you have guest blogged for – you can have up to twenty or statements for each Advanced Segment. Utilizing this, you can see the majority of your Google Analytics information dependent on referrals from your guest posts. This can enable you to decide the achievement of your general guest blogging methodology regarding getting traffic and generating leads.

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