Who is a perfect candidate for hair transplant?

The popularity of hair transplant is growing each year, more and more people are searching for best hair transplant results. Currently, about 650,000 such procedures are performed every year. Hair plantation is highly-demanded among men and women as far as it allows returning attractiveness and self-confidence.

However, a lot of people wonder, “Are they a perfect candidate for hair transplant?”, “Which contraindications exist to the procedure process?”, etc. Let’s consider who are the perfect candidates for hair transplant and can expect the best result.

Who gets the best hair transplant results?

People over 30

Jump ahead a bit, worth saying that there are no age limits for hair transplant. However, for some 30+ age grade, a hair transplant is the most effective. The deal is that it is difficult to predict the progress of hair loss in younger people with age. So, hair transplant for young patients will be suitable, too, but more likely, later reoperation can be required to stop a new possible wave of baldness.

Male or female pattern alopecia

The main requirement for successful hair transplant is enough amount and high quality of hairs on the donor area. Usually, these are candidates who have male or female pattern alopecia (baldness). Unlikely, for people with unpatterned alopecia (about 2-6%) hair
transplant is ineffective because there are not enough healthy hairs for transplant. In this case, a doctor prescribes an alternative treatment — often this is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) or low-level laser.

Good general health condition

It is difficult to determine hair transplant a surgical procedure. However, it is. Due to this, you have to be in a good health condition to go through the operation. You are a perfect candidate if you regularly exercise, keep a healthy diet, and visit a doctor to make medical tests. If you do not lead a healthy lifestyle, you need to warn your hair transplant doctor about chronic diseases.

Patience to wait for the result

Despite the fact that hair transplant shows excellent results, you need to be ready that it takes time to observe the outcome. Usually, 9-12 months are necessary to estimate the final result. But waiting is worth it — just paying for hair transplant from $1,700, you receive the perfect and lifetime result.

To be completely sure you are suitable for hair transplant, check the following  contraindications:

  1. Blood clotting.
    In this case, any operation can cause bleeding.
  2. Diabetes.
    Even if you will be allowed to have processed, the recovery of the procedure may take longer time and the risk of infection increases.
  3. Skin diseases on the head located on the hairless area and that is in an active condition.

As you see, most of the people are suitable for hair transplant. There is no much contraindication to the procedure, so about 90% of patients can get this procedure successfully.

However, only a hair transplant surgeon can decide whether a procedure is indicated for you and what result you can expect for. So, we strongly recommend to consult with a specialist and undergo all necessary medical tests to make sure hair transplant will work in your case.

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