Let’s get Eco-friendly This Corporate Gifting Season

Imagine the waste quantity, when every single individual of 8 million says, “we have only one plastic bag.” Going Eco-friendly is no more a choice but a requirement in order to save humans and the environment. The thought and its application have been extended now to the gifting ideas. And the gifts if designed perfectly also resonates with the brand image. 

It solves a dual purpose; it shows to your employees/clients that you care about them and also showcase your corporate social responsibility towards the environment. You are free to choose from a wide range of quality products that are bio-degradable, environment-friendly, and more. 

Such gifts would appeal more to the clients who themselves love to contribute to the environment. But are you confused about which corporate gift Singapore will serve this dual-purpose? You should definitely be reading this blog on the eco-friendly gift ideas. 

Eco-friendly gift ideas

Canvas zipper pouch:

Popular amongst a hundred, canvas zipper pouch is a perfect corporate gift. Such pouches are specifically designed from a strong and highly durable cotton canvas material. The customizable factors are size, color, and material. Depending on the application you are planning to have, you can design it more keeping the stationaries, electronic devices, and notebooks.

Your client shall be happy to see 100% canvas made zipper pouch which not only looks artistic but gives it an organic touch. You can also use a stylish zipper to add more elegance. A perfectly designed canvas zipper pouch soon becomes the most favorable gift across Singapore. 

Wheat cutlery sets:

This set contains a pair of chopsticks, a spoon, and a fork manufactured using natural wheat straws. Wheat cutlery sets are compact and more practical for carrying around in the picnic. The shatter-proof quality makes it lightweight and reusable. This is the perfect gift set for corporates. Also, they are highly durable and are prone to breaking. 

An amazing thing about this gift set is, you can print on the outer box. Select cheap printing services Singapore, get a quote and there you go with your gift. You can have a multi-colored printed cover box, and those boxes are also non-toxic and biodegradable ones. The spoon and the fork are designed in a way that they will not slip your hands, giving you a comfortable grip. 

Organic clothing:

This is something new and interesting on the list. You all would love to wear this purely organic ethnic wear. These wears are made from bamboo fiber, banana fiber, aloe vera fiber, flax fiber. Also, the dyes used for printing are natural dyes. Some of them are even made up of the reusable brown husk of rice husk.

Custom cotton canvas cup sleeves:

We all love to receive coffee mugs, Don’t we? Then how about decorating that coffee mug with a personalized cup sleeve? Sounds interesting! Yes, it is. This is the new trend being followed in the mug industry. These sleeves protect the hands from the steaming drinks filled inside the mug. Also, the sleeves are reusable as they are made from natural cotton. So start sipping your coffee without worrying about the grip over the drinks. You can also personalize this sleeve and print the company’s logo or tag line and promote the brand. The sleeves have carriers that encourage the user to use their own cup instead of plastic and paper cups. 

Cup sleeves are an excellent and efficient eco-friendly promotional product in Singapore. True, it is not a long-lasting gift, but we are sure it will surely make an impact on the recipient. A well-designed one will surely serve the purpose.  

Stainless steel straw:

Everyone consumes one or the other drink throughout the day. And, while we think of giving them a mug then why not add a stainless steel straw to ease out their jobs? Since 2.2 million straws were used in Singapore every day, residents decided to mitigate the plastic usage in straws. Instead, they have come up with a new replacement called Stainless steel straw. They are highly functional and come with a brush that ensures hygiene and cleaning of the straw. 

With more people getting aware of the climate changes and the adverse effects of plastic, most of them have shifted to eco-friendly product usage. So what are you waiting for?  

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