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Properly choosing a temporary staffing agency for hiring employees is the most important task for the company. After all, hiring temporary staff is a double-edged decision for a company that needs labor resources. 

On the one hand, this is an opportunity to get a relatively cheap and unpretentious workforce, and on the other hand, it is likely to encounter problems in the selection and placement of personnel, which not only entail serious responsibility but can seriously undermine the entrepreneur’s economy with unforeseen expenses.

The modern recruiting market in Denver offers several safe working options for hiring staff. One of the most effective is hiring staff through an outsourcing company.

Outsourcing – providing a working resource for rent. By concluding such an agreement with a company that provides personnel outsourcing services, the customer is exempted from all issues related to the employment, accounting, and maintenance of the rented labor resource. 

The customer only pays the rental services to the contractor. This is practically his only obligation. These services are provided by one of the most active participants in the Denver recruiting market – the company “Scion Staffing Denver”.

Let’s Learn More About Outsourcing

Traditionally, outsourcing a company is the transfer of entrepreneurial tasks, roles, and business processes to another company working in your field. The latter involves the conclusion of a special agreement, which spells out all the elements of such “cooperation”. 

This allows you to significantly increase the efficiency of your company, correctly use the available free resources, and carry out development in new directions.


  • Production outsourcing (some functions are transferred to a third-party organization; for example, advertising agencies can cooperate with a printing house).
  • Outsourcing of business processes (when a company can transfer business processes that do not belong to its core competence to another company; for example, accounting services).
  • IT outsourcing, when a company transfers certain information systems for servicing; accordingly, the company receiving them carries out those. Support works with software. The simplest examples are website development, software support, and development.

Temp Staffing

This is a rental specialist who comes from a contracting company for temporary work on a project in a company that orders out staffing. A professional who came to the company for some time becomes one of the team members (his work will be regulated by the managerial staff of your company). 

The organization that used the service pays the contractor for the services contractually, and the contractor, in turn, pays for the work of the employee.

How do staffing firms work?

If we are talking about personnel outsourcing, the general algorithm of cooperation with our company Scion Staffing can be represented as follows:

  • An application for staff is made: the only thing that is required from the client is a brief description of the type of specialists needed in accordance with the task. It is necessary to leave contact details.
  • Offer: we carry out comprehensive monitoring of all possible costs, coordinate the nuances and subtleties with the client, and then you receive an offer and get acquainted with the offer.
  • Contract: of course, the drawn up contract is signed.
  • Choice: a manager is staying at the facility, taking out employees, interacting with your employees, and correcting the plan for specialists to get to work.
  • Workflow: There is control. We keep a timesheet.
  • Payment: an invoice is issued that you pay by bank transfer.

Temp Agency Denver effectively solves business problems at the full-time level. This reduces the burden on the HR department and your staff costs.

Focus on your main job – we will do the rest.

We work throughout in hiring and staffing the Denver metropolitan hiring market including Centennial, Arvada, Aurora, Westminster, around the Colorado cities, and mountain states.

Temp Agency provides outsourcing and outstaffing services. The latter allows you to reduce the burden on your personnel department, get the specialist (or specialists) necessary for the project, lower costs without sacrificing efficiency, and much more.

 We recruit staff according to individual requirements. Briefly describe the most popular services of our outsourcing and outstaffing companies.

If you require these services of a staffing agency in Denver to hire or get hired by some company then, we will be glad to cooperate!

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