How to Create Original Essay Topics


Are you thinking of writing an essay for your college application but cannot decide on a topic? Is it because you feel that every topic has already been talked about? You are not alone in this quest. If you want an original essay topic idea, follow the tips below:

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Make it personal

If you are looking forward to creating a lasting impression on your college admission officer, you will only get a couple of opportunities. One golden chance to get an advantage is by perfecting your college essay. The number one factor that will set you apart from the rest of the candidates is your originality and personalization skills. The reader is interested in knowing your personality more than what you are trying to portray in the essay. To develop original topics for common app essay, add something deeply felt to represent your true authentic self. Choose a narrow slice of your experience. You can write about one event that moved you or maybe the time you met an influential person. Anything can become a great and new topic if it is personal and meaningful. However, I would want you to be careful and not overshare anything. 


The number one rule for brainstorming is discarding the thought that any idea is silly or illogical. You will always get time to rule out the less realistic topics later on. Coupled with a free writing style, you will have a fantastic recipe for creative writing. It means writing down the stream of thoughts that keep popping in your mind as you go on. However, do not go wild entirely. Think of a subheading you are interested in and keep your ideas along the same lines. You can take different approaches such as using original argumentative essay topics or start with a descriptive one. Anything that rocks your boat will do.

Contemporary issues

Look into the news, get an understanding of the status quo of your country. You can choose a topic in any area of your preference. There might be a political reform that you would want to use for writing. Economic issues are never-ending, and writing about them can be highly informative for the reader. Nevertheless, nothing catches fire as quickly as the prevailing societal and social issues. It will provide you the opportunity to choose a topic to present your ideas timely; making your content original and the chances of increased viewership. I would recommend taking Perfect Essay as a first writing service if you are a beginner.

Literature reviews

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One great way to find original college essay topics is to get access to literature reviews. These have a wealth of knowledge you can use. If you have a vague idea of the topic you want to write for, search for relevant literature reviews. This way, you can analyze and evaluate what has already been talked about what lacks research. You need to use your critical skills to identify the market gap and then target it to produce original and valuable content. Target an area of topic that is yet to be uncovered. You can find an exciting yet original topic; anything you believe will capture the reader’s attention. 

Get inspired

If you have the eye for it, you can find inspiration from the ordinary objects around you. For example, open any book accessible to you. Choose a page at random. Place your finger on a word without reading anything. This word can either be the main idea you can base your essay on or just something to get your motor running. You can also spend a few hours alone, surrounded by greenery and wildlife. Absorb what nature has to offer. It can get your senses heightened, which will help you focus better and give you a clear direction to work. Free yourself from all directions in order to let your creative side out. It is a practical approach to find a reflective essay topic.

Ethnographic research

Grab your notepad and a pen, go out for a stroll in the park. You should have a mission in mind, which is to discover different ideas that can be your essay topic. Within earshot, observe what others are talking about. It might be just gossip and not worth noting down. The skill you need is to glean this data and finding information valuable enough to write a social issues essay topic. Remember to jot down any useful conversations. When you go back home, read them through. Identify topics that seem interesting.  Twist and tweak them to make them your own. You will not have to do the critical thinking part. You can choose the location according to your liking and comfort level. For example, if you are interested in the makeup industry, you can book an appointment for a hair blowout and muster all the useful information the ladies share. If you want to choose a topic related to health and fitness, a gym or a jogging track can help you write original persuasive essay topics.

Find a writing tool

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 There are days when you feel down and are relatively less creative. For those days, it is only right to lend a helping hand that too from a professional. Various online essay tools can help you write the entire essay. However, it is unnecessary to avail that. You might only need a kickstart. Use services like EduJungles to help you generate new and exciting topics for your essays. You can consider it as an inspiration to spark your imagination. You will be hiring a team of professionals; hence, do not worry; you will be in good hands.

Real-time datasets

 Google Trends is a successful and widely used feature from Google. It is a tool that helps you research the top queries of people across different regions and for choosing an original topic for a persuasive essay. Now that you will know what the public is talking about and interested in try looking for gaps. Get a more in-depth insight into all the keywords. Learn if you can contribute to a particular topic. If it is something upcoming and new, I would recommend you going for it. There are several tools, just like Google Trends, to help you identify the user patterns. 


Thinking of an original topic might seem daunting, but you can find a thousand new things to write on with today’s frequently evolving world. If you are not feeling creative today, keep the pen down and start with a fresh mind tomorrow. The key is to keep on trying.

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