8 Tips for Improving Your Immune System That Actually Work

Our body’s immune system is an amazing thing. Everyone knows that immunity is terribly important. Someone is sure that it’s hiding in the intestines. And someone remembers something about the lymph nodes. But no matter what anyone thinks about the immune system, most are confident that it should be improved and strengthened. In general, we should do something to make it able to protect us from everything in the world: from flu to fatigue. Continue reading to find out How to boost the immune system?

How to boost the immune system?

The main secret of immunity is that it’s not a single organ that’s responsible for it, but a whole system of organs. And not even a system of organs. Immunity is much more complicated than any system in our body. It even works at the cell level. And there is no research which would prove that any pill, one or another herb, or any habit will surely improve it.

But over years of research, scientists have collected a lot of data that say: a healthy lifestyle helps us to strengthen the immune system and makes it able to resist diseases. But what exactly do they mean by a healthy lifestyle? Let’s review.

1. Don’t smoke

In the mouth of a smoker, a real center of inflammation occurs, which distracts the immune system. Smokers get diseases more often than those who don’t have this habit, even such serious ones as tuberculosis. And yes, smoking causes cancer, because it lowers your immunity. If you want to be healthier, you should forget about smoking. 

2. Don’t drink

Experiments have shown that alcohol can suppress the activity of antitumor immunity, and increases the risk of colon cancer and liver disease. In general, if you don’t want to get cancer, just shouldn’t drink, otherwise, you will worsen your antitumor immunity.

3. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables

If you don’t smoke or drink, you should increase vegetables and fruits in your daily menu. It sounds deadly boring. And you don’t need to eat goji berries or tapioca. But you can everything else you can find. 

You can eat garlic, ginger, and lemons. All these foods will help you improve your immunity but only if you eat them in addition to healthy meals, such as white meat with a lot of vegetables.

4. Sleep well 

The easiest and most obvious way to increase immunity is to get enough sleep. To improving the immunity you should take care of your sleep regime and or seek sleep disorders treatment if you’re having troubles with your sleep. 

5. Do sports

Sports will help you in several ways at once. First of all, athletes get sick less than others. Secondly, sports will help you improve sleep (and you already know that sleep is necessary for boosting immunity). Thirdly, sports help fight obesity – another factor of bad immunity. 

6. Maintain your weight

Adipose produces some hormones. But these hormones contribute to inflammatory processes in the body. That is, extra weight creates an invisible, but a tangible burden on our immune system. And our immunity spends resources on fighting not only against external bacteria and viruses but also to fights with the body.

7. Don’t be nervous

Stress hormones violate the immune system, so don’t give them a chance and learn to relax and sometimes think: “Let it all go.” This is one of the best ways of maintaining and strengthening immunity.

8. Be careful with infections

The more infections you avoid, the less strain you will put on your immune system. Simply make sure you regularly wash your hands, don’t buy suspicious products, air your room and maintain proper oral hygiene.

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