Lowell Farms Providing Peace of Mind for Vape Users 

Cannabis is one of those things that has been around for eons of time, yet it hasn’t become a mainstream talking point until rather recently. Cannabis is no longer taboo, especially in places around the United States. People consume the plant in many ways, including vaping, smoking and consuming edible goods. Solventless vapes are a healthier alternative to those that have unhealthy substances filled with them. Solvents in vaporizers are never a good idea for those concerned with health and well-being. 

Peace of Mind for Vape Users 

The summer of 2019 was full of riveting tales and alarming front-page news stories. One of these stories gives plenty of reason for alarm as vaporizers are alarming doctors around the country with the way they are impacting the lungs of users. Mysterious and often life-threating illnesses have been sprouting up during the late summer. The one thing that relates the victims to one another is vaping. Using a solventless vape would have led to a different outcome for these victims left suffering from mysterious lung illnesses. 

When people see an issue in vaporizers causing a deeper and often quicker negative health issue in the lungs than people who smoke cigarettes. They are left with many questions. It starts with the ingredients that go into the disposable vape pens being used. Those representing Lowell Farms take pride in the health of the consumer, only offering the finest cannabis products on the market. Only a solventless vape can be found at Lowell Farms.

A History in Cultivation 

Lowell Farms isn’t simply jumping into the business of cannabis because it is all the rage in the country right now. They have a history in the state of California that dates back to 1909. William “Bull” Lowell first started growing Indian Hemp on the central California coast on his farm. 

He believed in growing right, maximizing the plant and smoking freely as one pleases. Things appeared to be going well for Mr. Lowell until a man named Henry J. Finger came along to poke around in his business. Finger was a board member on California’s Board of Pharmacy and had a vendetta against cannabis. 

He helped develop legislation in 1913 that prohibited the growth and use of cannabis. Lowell was determined to enjoy his cannabis, even to the point of being put in jail by Finger. The family has continued the tradition today. 

Lowell Farms

Lowell Farms can be defined by excellence in quality; products there are grown organically, avoiding pesticides and staying as clean as possible. Solventless vapes offer purity for vape users that focus on the plant and not fillers aimed at cheap production. Products that contain impurities are hurting people around the country, forcing a dangerous situation for vape users settling for inferior products. Lowell Farms products are environmentally friendly through sustainable growing practices. 

Organic fertilizer is the name of the game at Lowell Farms. Health-conscious vape users wanting to enjoy a puff of cannabis before going to the beach or during a leisure activity should be able to trust products with live rosin. Always solventless without chemicals or toxins, these vaporizers are the quality people should want to deal with. 

The world is full of risk. Cannabis users should be able to enjoy the benefits without having to worry about mysterious lung diseases severely impacting their lives. The laws involving cannabis consumption are always changing. Lowell Farms has remained the same throughout the changing times, only offering the best in cannabis products: Solventless vapes or world-class flowers will surely unite users around the state of California and beyond. 

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