How to Choose a Soccer Club

Your child is interested in playing soccer. Now it is your turn to help him get to the best club. This is important to help him learn the game and its strategies well. He will also understand the nitty-gritty of the game and enhance his innate skills.

7 Tips to Choose a Soccer Club

Here are some effective tips to follow when choosing a team/club:

  1. Research on Clubs

You must check out the clubs in your area. Check out their websites and gather the following information about them:

– The number of teams they have

– Availability of multiple teams at each age level

– The license levels of coaches

– Number of teams coaches have

– Practice fields

– Leagues they play in

  1. The Type of Club to Join

What kind of club/team you would like to join? You need to be realistic here. Have a look at the skill level of your child. What is your ultimate goal? Is it a serious high level coach/team you want or simply a fun local team? The preference of child should also be taken into consideration.

  1. Club Tryouts

You need to attend the club tryouts.  Usually teams U15 and above don’t have open tryouts. You can get this information from the official websites of the clubs. It may not be necessary to attend all sessions offered but it really helps. Experts suggest that you must attend maximum number off tryout dates. You should also get ample information about fees of the club.

  1. The Team Your Child Get Selected for

Once you get an offer from a club, know the specific team your child will be on. Certain clubs may try to offer a generic “club”. They may also ask you to make a commitment for paying hefty amounts prior to assigning your child to a specific team. In case, you really like the club and don’t really care about the team, it is fine.

  1. Do the Research

You should start researching the moment you get offer from a specific coach and team. Make sure you know team’s level of play, the number of players coach plans on having on the team, number of players returning from last year, team’s performance last year, number of tournaments the coach plans, fees for the soccer club and team, places and time of practice, allocation of play time etc.

  1. Watch for the Action Closely

Attending a regular team practice will help you choose a club your child. Have a close look at how the coach interacts with the young girls/boys. You need to look at the way kids interact with each other. Consider the following points:

– Does everyone participate in the practice?

– What is the waiting period?

– Is the coach on time?

– Are the players focused?

– Is the coach focused on encouraging various groups to work together?

– Is the coach biased?

–  Skill level of the other players

7. Choice of your Family

Club soccer is a demanding sport. It consumes a lot of your time. You would also require making a lot of sacrifices (cutting down on social life). The most important point to consider is your own choice and that of your family’s. Support of your family will go a long way in establishing a career in soccer.

Final Thought

Choice of a soccer club is one of the most crucial steps you take as a parent for your child. It will help you shape the career of your little one by giving exposure to new coaches, players, strategies and values.

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