How to Clean a Coffee Maker

For many years it has been identified as a great problem to get involved in the process of cleaning the coffee maker. Since this machine has been combining the water deposits as well as the roasted ground coffee beans, it has been more and more difficult to keep a decent level of cleanliness when functioning this machine.

The traditional thermal carafe coffee maker usually needs more filtering in order to be cleaned since the tap water has a lot of residues that stay inside the machine and can cause corrosive phenomena. To go on, it is of crucial importance to have the right tools when cleaning your coffee press machine.

Process of cleaning a coffee maker

First, you need to have emptied all the several components of the coffee maker. The water tank needs to be adequately dried from all the water that passes through it and you should be able to see the clear inox bottom. This is the time to check for the ground coffee container.

This place is where the paper filter is situated, and you should make sure that there is no filter in the machine while preparing for cleaning. It is obvious that you should have primarily removed the coffee machine from the electric socket otherwise you are in great danger of an electrical hazard.

To go on it is of crucial importance to have the right tools when cleaning your coffee machine. The brushes are always there to help you remove all the particles that are inside the tap water and stay in the rims of the water tank. You may even use some mild chemicals or even vinegar to remove all the calc that comes with the tap water. When you are doing this make sure that you have lots of freshwaters passed through the tank so that you can keep it perfectly cleaned for the next use.

Are heavy chemicals good for your coffee machine?

Acids and bases should usually be omitted when trying to clean your coffee machine. This happens because the glass and plastic particles of the machine could easily react with those chemicals and release potentially poisonous gases that could harm your health if being inhaled.

On the other hand, there is no real need to get heavy chemicals like ammonia or chlorine to clean up the calc from the water tank. Usually, a carefully moisturized piece of clothing is all you need in order to keep your tank clean of every possible residue of the tap water. Then a proper wiping is needed so that the inox base of the tank can even reflect your picture on it.
When it comes to the ground coffee tank a careful process should be followed so that you ensure that there is no contamination of the tank with chemicals. Since the filter tank can easily leave a lot of substances on the paper filter and thus your ground coffee you should be extra careful when trying to clean the coffee machine using chemicals.

Most of the coffee makers can easily be cleaned using hot water and cotton clothing that can remove all the dust and residues from the coffee tank. A punctual cleaning every four months period could easily give you the greatest effects and you could easily enjoy the most aromatic and high-quality filter coffee.

Self-cleaning coffee machines

The technology of coffee machines has evolved to such a point that there is now the chance to purchase machines that can program their own cleaning sessions when needed. They can calculate the exact time the coffee machine has been working to produce beverages in a certain amount of time and start the self-cleaning procedure when you are done with coffee brewing.

These machines are usually having a permanent connection to the tap water source and can take as much water as they need. They also are equipped with a special draining system which enables them to remove all the additional water that is placed in the water tank.

You can not disrupt the process once it has begun and you can also check the stage of the cleaning process. First, the water is getting heated almost to boiling point so that it can dissolve all the residues from tap water. Finally, the excessive water is removed from the water tank and the coffee machine is ready to be used again for multiple coffee brewing cycles.


Modern coffee machines are exceptional devices that can be self-cleaned sometimes or even give you the chance to clean them up when you feel like to. Special indications according to the constructor advice are there to help you when you need to check if all cleaning stages are done right.

There is no difficulty in cleaning up your coffee machine. You virtually need nothing more than hot water and an absorbent piece of cloth. This can make you be in control of the cleaning process and give you the chance to finally enjoy a superb-quality coffee.

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