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How to Find a Web Developer Job: A Complete Guide

It’s not hard, and it’s even not easy to land the job of a web developer. Whether you are someone who learned to program by itself or someone who has a grad degree in IT (Information Technology) when you are a fresh inexperienced developer getting a job can be tricky. In this blog, we will discuss how you will end up getting a developer job.


Ask yourself, how you can get some valuable experience before the job? Now that’s a confusing question because how do you get experience without a job. Fortunately, we have many ways where you can quickly sharpen your skillset and get web development training. Pick some freelancing work online or try going through online coding tutorials.


There are many fields in development, one should know what field and career he wants to apply for. After choosing a particular profession, the field asks yourself what kind of company you want to go for. If you are sure about what area you want to work then go for a job search process on different platforms such as

  1. LinkedIn
  2. Indeed
  3. GitHub
  4. CareerBuilder
  5. Dice
  6. Google
  7. Monster
  8. CareerBuilder etc.

There are also opportunities like freelancing. People who want to work in a comfort zone they choose online jobs for them. Go for an online search to know more about this kind of career and also ask your friends and people who are experienced in this. There are many benefits for opting freelancer lifestyle,

  1. You can lead to perfect work-life balance
  2. You are the boss of your work
  3. You can have freedom of choosing working hours any time of day or night
  4. You can choose your client freely and wisely
  5. You can have freedom of selecting payments
  6. You can travel anywhere and work simultaneously

One of the best ways you can outcast your skillset is by making up your portfolio. It must contain all the relevant work and your achievements. Start by inputting your final year project and its details. Your site on which your portfolio is present is your brand; it reflects your skillset and your abilities to stand out from others. Put all the projects that you feel good about, put a project that shows your abilities of both designer and developer. Your portfolio must possess influential work, which indicates your skill level and brand. Also, make sure you put a link in your resume before applying for a developer job.


It is a platform that helps people to solve problems. It gathers people on a single platform and helps them to resolve or build software together. People living in different countries can come together and build software on GitHub. It helps the employer to identify your skills and help them to hire you more easily. Many companies want their developers to have experience before even applying for a job; hence, GitHub will show them your proficient skillset and help you get an extended offer. Put your smart code on GitHub and use it as a repository for your projects. Feel free to put your everyday codes there, show you are coding and working on your projects every morning, this will show your employers that you are continually working and how efficiently you do coding. Make sure you code cleanly on screens of GitHub because that will impress employers than anything else.

  1. Hackathons

If you are not aware of the hackathon, you are missing out on major in your life. It briefly meant as exploratory programming. It’s a sort of competition where teams of programmers, developers, designers, and project managers come together to design & build a software project. There are many benefits of being at the hackathon,

  1. It’s a huge opportunity to meet new people which stands for the same interest which you have. It is a platform where you work and collaborate and create new projects with like-minded people.
  2. You meet new people, and you put in a situation where you have to work and find a solution with them. In that intense time, you experience a lot.
  3. It adds value to your CV or resume.
  1. Tech Meet-ups

There is something you can adore about tech meet-ups, monthly gatherings that help you meet people coming from different platforms but the same passions. It also helps you find job opportunities. You meet lots of new techies who have unique and exciting journeys, listen out of them, and get some ideas and tips for your careers. What is excellent about these meet-ups is that there is something for everyone; there are no strict age and experience limitations. Everyone can learn something new here, and you can reach many people around the globe. It is an excellent place where you can sit around and talk about your tech stuff or hear someone else out.

  1. Online Communities

If you are a developer and seeking a job, then you must join all essential online bootcamps. Engaging is necessary, hang out to most popular sites,

  1. StackOverflow
  2. Total
  3. Developers Forum
  4. GitHub
  5. Mozilla Developer Network
  6. SAP community network
  7. Experts-Exchange

Read tech news and stay highly updated with things going on every day in software industries. This will help you stay very inspired, and you can also have a good conversation with the interviewer. Remember, you don’t need to have an expert opinion on every story. Just keep yourself very lite and follow what’s hot and happening. You can also read tech blogs for adding little fun to your everyday schedule or listen to the podcast when you are going somewhere else or go through tweets.


It is essential to go for steady incremental steps rather than going super hard. If you want to learn new skills, then do a little bit every day and avoid from burning out. Just make your target to learn new and relevant skills every single day.

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