How to Write a Scientific Essay?

A scientific article may be a review, where it presents a study on a certain theme in order to establish a debate or relationship between the ideas of one or more authors searched; or it may be original in that it presents original data obtained through the development of experimental or observational studies that depart from a theoretical framework.

A scientific article should contain, in addition to some information essential for the understanding of all those interested in that study, should have a fluid, explanatory, formal speech and standard formatting.

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The intention of those who write a scientific article is that it is understood by any member of the target group, that is, for which it is intended. It must follow the rules of ABNT – Brazilian Association of Technical Standards and contain the following structure: pre-textual elements, textual elements, and post-textual elements.

How to Write a Scientific Essay?

Pre-text elements

These are elements that will identify your work.

– The cover containing the name of institution, student, the title of the work, city and year in which the work was produced.

– A summary containing a brief report on what the work is about, overall objective, applied methodology, and main results. 

– Keywords, from three to five, separated by a comma. They should also be included in the foreign language summary.

Textual elements

Structure of the body of the article. The textual elements will include the introduction, development, and conclusion or final considerations.

– The introduction is to start the topic or research you will present. It is a kind of presentation of your article and should contain some answers to questions such as: What is research about? Why was such research developed? What is your theoretical framework used in research? What is known about the topic? How was the research conducted?

– Development corresponds to the part where the results obtained with the research or theoretical survey will be presented. If the article has been revised, the text should be divided according to the subthemes covered. If the article is original, the text should be divided into theoretical reference (information that will support your research), methodology (procedures and methods used in the research performed) and results (analysis of the data collected).

– Conclusion when it is an original article and final considerations when it is a review article. Both should bring out the most relevant aspects of the paper and respond to the main purpose of the article.

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