Is It Possible to Whiten Your Natural Teeth Together with Implants?

It’s so good to live in 2019 when you can do with your teeth literally everything you want. Whitening, straightening, adding teeth to replace the missing ones – if you have the money, you can have it all. But how to plan your dental treatment if you have several problems to solve?

Many people wonder about the option of teeth whitening with dental implants in the mouth. Dental implants, even those already perfectly fused, are different from the natural teeth and can’t be treated the same way. They need a different approach.

Before or After?

Of course, the idea of whitening teeth can come to a person’s mind after the dental implants were already installed. However, it’s better to think about it before the procedure of installing them. Dental deep cleaning is a must, in any case, and cosmetic teeth whitening is optional. But it’s better to do both. Why?

Dental deep cleaning is actually a professional teeth cleaning. The dental plaque that collects on the surface of the teeth gets dyed by food and drinks. This influences the color of teeth. As it is cleaned, the teeth become whiter. In addition, this allows removing bacteria that will not let the dental implants fuse successfully.

Why do cosmetic whitening then? The implants are produced in order to perfectly match the color of your natural teeth. Otherwise, they will stand out in your mouth and will look artificial. So, it’s better to match them with already whitened teeth.

Is It Possible to Whiten Dental Implants?

Unfortunately, no. The materials the dental implants are made of don’t allow any manipulations with their color. But what to do if your teeth need whitening again? To maintain the integrity of the color of your teeth row, you will need to take care of them a bit better.

The first is hygiene. Don’t let plaque build up on your teeth. Maintain excellent oral hygiene – always brush your teeth twice a day (with no excuses!), use a floss, mouthwash and eat healthy natural food.

The second is regular visits to the dentist to check your mouth. From time to time, you will have to go through professional teeth cleaning in the office. This will help you get your white color of teeth (to which the implants were adjusted) back. The implants themselves won’t change their color but may be covered by dental plaque buildup.

But What If You Really Need It?

The only way to whiten dental implants is to put veneers or lumineers over them. This procedure is expensive and works only if your front teeth are implants. If you have your dental implants out of the smile zone, you shouldn’t worry about their color at all – no one will notice any difference. They are for chewing and keeping your teeth rows together.

But wherever your implants may be located, visiting a doctor, going through regular professional cleaning and maintaining excellent dental hygiene is obligatory. The better you take care of your teeth, natural or artificial, the longer they will serve you. Poor care can make even perfectly fused implants fail over time, so be responsible and don’t waste them due to neglect.

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