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Instagram for your E-Commerce business: Everything you must have to know

Instagram is a powerful social media platform proven as a valuable marketing tool for any type of business. Business owners can create an Instagram business account by first creating a personal account, then convert it into a business account. Getting thousands of insfollowers is not possible in a short time. You should use high photos, hashtags and respond to comments so, if you do not have your business on social media platforms, then it is not too late to join Instagram to become a successful business owner.

Adopting the right marketing strategies, business owners can promote their brand, boost their earnings by promoting products and services, and enhance their sales through Instagram. So here you can find everything necessary to market your business on Instagram.

Create a business account from a personal account on Instagram

  • Go to your profile and click 3 bars in the upper right corner.
  • Go to settings and click on switch settings to a business profile.
  • Here Instagram will also recommend connecting your business profile of Instagram to your business account on Facebook. Add details of your business, including name, username, profile picture, website URL, and short bio descriptions. Make sure to add contact information so that followers can contact you.
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How to use Instagram for business?

Between stories, ads, and posts, there is no shortcut of marketing feature on Instagram. Now you have to build your profile on Instagram, so here are some tips on how to use Instagram to build your business.

Add Professional-looking photos

As Instagram is a photo-sharing social media application, it is imperative to share content that visually pleases the audience. Generic pictures will never work. So, take photos, edit them to make them more attractive, and make sure you have created a cohesive grid on Instagram.

Use Instagram stories

Instagram stories are among fascinating features. On Instagram stories, you can put videos and photos that will disappear after 24 hours but helps to engage your target audience. Businesses must have to use Instagram stories to market their products and services and get messages from followers that cannot be seen on regular Instagram posts.

Stream live videos

Moreover, Instagram stories can also stream live videos. With the help of this feature, businesses can give your customers a live look of behind the scenes exciting aspects of your products and services that will help to enhance trust towards your audience.

Advertise on Instagram

Like other social media platforms, Instagram also has a feature to advertise your products and services on Instagram. Businesses can advertise in three formats that are photo ads, video ads, and carousel ads. All these methods appear in users’ home feed. These ads have four significant objectives: click through your website, mobile app installation, video click, and mass awareness.

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Sell Products on Instagram

In 2020, Instagram also added a shop tab that helps users to discover and purchase items from brands directly through Instagram. Businesses can also enjoy the benefits of shoppable posts for selling their products through this application. To create a shoppable post, users must have a business account and sell physical goods that comply with Instagram merchant agreement and commerce policies. Product catalog can be made through Shopify, BigCommerce, and Facebook.

Get more and more followers

Despite all the above guidelines, it is also essential to get a massive number of followers so that your business can reach millions of people. Bountii’s review covers a lot of aspects of Instagram growth. To increase your insfollowers in few seconds, go to the play store and install the GetInsFollowers app. This application will help you to get not only free followers but can also buy Instagram followers through coins.

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