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Instagram Marketing – Creative ways to market your brand on Instagram

Instagram has a global reach like no other, with over 500 users using the application almost every day, perhaps, multiple times a day. The well-engineered application is intuitive and user-friendly, and Instagram marketing is also helping businesses to rise. It also curates content as per likes per post and views per video. The algorithms of Instagram are built in a way that boosts creative content towards popularity. Having a solid Instagram presence does not mean that you promote your brand online, it means to promote your brand with the utmost creativity so that people notice it. If you do not wish for users to circumvent your brand’s Instagram stories, you must oath to be creative. 

Creative ways for Instagram marketing

Here are seven ways for Instagram marketing in which you can promote your brand and enhance business through Instagram Stories 

Create your own filter

One pivotal integrated tool to promote your brand on Instagram stories in the 2020 edition is ‘Creating your brand’s filter’. The diverse library of filters on Instagram is now open to all for additions. With the help of easy filter-making software available online, you can create your brand’s filter and share it on Instagram for your users to click selfies with it. It could be as creative as making a tiara out of your brand’s name or simply placing your watermark into the frame. Your filter will be visible on your Instagram profile and users will be encouraged to use it. This will boost brand awareness dynamically and enhance your brand’s online presence. 

Video Marketing on Insta Stories: Gifs and IGTV

A contemporary approach to reiterate your brand story is by showcasing it through the power of videos. Statistics prove that individuals are more likely to watch a video than read a wordy post on Instagram. Video marketing garners more visibility for your brand and has an impactful effect on the users. Create promotional videos of your brand with short video ad-makers and in about minutes, you shall have a striking video ready for Instagram and other social media platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Pinterest. Instagram’s fairly new feature is its IGTV videos. You can post ads for your brand on Instagram’s IGTV without worrying about the duration of the video. 

Create anticipation: Instagram countdown

A good way of promoting your brand is by offering offers and deals on products frequently. You can host Instagram countdowns before validating the sale/deal and create anticipation in the eyes of your viewers. It gives them a sense of exclusivity thereby generating more sales. It is indispensable that you keep your users updated with all the upcoming offers that your brand will be providing. This produces loyal customers and encourages more potential users to proceed with the purchase. 

Swipe-up to success

Instagram’s brand new ‘Swipe Up’ feature provides you a chance to direct your audience to your desired website, YouTube video, or a blog post on your website. You must simply add in the link where you want to take your audience and Instagram will send them to the landing page as soon as the user swipes up on your story. You could post an extract of your blog or a small clipping of your promo video in order to motivate the users to check out the full version by swiping up. This function increases your conversion rates on your video, website, or any other form of content. You can create your own promo videos economically and effortlessly by using the online video maker.  

Quizzes and Giveaways

To increase the engagement rate of your brand, you must host quizzes about your brand for all users and provide gifts to the lucky winners. You can also repost customer testimonials thereby increasing their trust in you. Through the ‘Q&A’ sessions, you can resolve customer issues and doubts regarding your product. These kinds of practices increase customer affinity and help you establish a smoothly-functional community in the digital space. 


User-generated content

This type of promotion is like word-of-mouth advertising for your brand. The ‘Add this to my story’ function of Instagram provides you an opportunity to repost a story of a user who mentioned you in their stories. This improves brand identity and builds a faithful relationship between your business and your customers while strongly promoting your brand in a subtle, indirect way. 

Aesthetic feed

To be noticed on Instagram, you must always be trending. As a brand, it is important that your promotional strategies resonate with customer behavior. You can create an aesthetically beautiful feed to post on your Instagram stories that are visually appealing to your users. While creating promo videos, you must choose footages that are of high quality and exquisite in nature. Such kind of content always works for Instagram and shall promote your brand creatively. Use short-video ad makers to create such aesthetic videos for the promotion of your brand on Instagram stories. 

Conclusion – Instagram marketing

Digital Marketing has been a victorious stride for almost all businesses across the globe. It is important that you strategize your content before actually posting anything on Instagram. After executing your strategies, make sure to step back and analyse its performance. How your audience accepts your content is a very important fact to consider. WP Dev Shed covers many important approaches to Instagram boosting. Through a systematic approach towards digital marketing, you can enhance your business and market your presence effectively in the online sphere. 


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