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Kissanime website – the best place for watching animes online in 2019 ?

The Kissanime website is long known by fans as one of the best sites to watch English dubbed anime online. Most of the frequent users have been satisfied by what they watch here for a while now. But as of 2019, the Kissanime website has somewhat lost its credibility. The users are wondering what happened to Kissanime? and whether there are any Kissanime alternatives out there?

We do not endorse free streaming sites such as Kissanime or any other, and strongly believe you should pay for what you watch online. It is certainly the best approach to watch animes online in best quality.

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 Kissanime website

Firstly for all of the pumped up anime fans here who just came to this article searching for a working version of Kissanime. Here you go, “Kissanime website“.
This link is working as of now and can cradle most of your anime needs. There are tons of English dubbed animes that you can view here.

The visuals aspects of this website might be very similar to the original Kissanime, but we can confirm that this is not the Kissanime site that grabbed all the attention online. Such is the nature of the free online streaming site, for instance, if you make a site that gets tons of views. You will eventually need to shut it down.

Or it will be shut down automatically since its not really your content that you are providing to the viewers. And what will happen is that many competitors will rise up and copy your site to the very last detail. And when your site shuts down, automatically these competitors will rise up in your place and gain that audience.

The similar thing happened in the case of Kissanime. It keeps shutting down and keeps coming back up again with some name twists. But the overall visuals of the site remain the same. So, the same audience is targeted over and over again.

Kissanime alternatives | Best free anime streaming sites

Although the much-hyped Kissanime website has its own perks, users demand more alternatives that they can switch to in case of a sudden shutdown. It’s really a best practice to have more than one options for viewing if you are a real anime fan. You would obviously not want any kind of hiccups during your daily anime dosage.

So, here are some of the alternatives that users have shown interest in…

  1. AnimeLab
  2. AnimeFreak  
  3. Chia-Anime 
  4. AnimePlanet 
  5. Crunchyroll 
  6. GogoAnimev 
  7. 9anime 
  8. Animenova 
  9. Kuroani
  10. AnimeFrenzy 

These 10 sites help you realize that Kissanime website is obviously not the end of the world.
And these sites are right up there is the list of Best free online anime streaming sites. And just like the copying and editing scenario we discussed earlier for Kissanime, same is true for all these sites. They will eventually go down and come back up again with some changed names.

So, why stick to Kissanime?

Well, actually that’s a matter of personal preference of the users. They can choose any site they like to view their favorite anime. But statistics have shown that most viewers prefer Kissanime for some reason, maybe its because they have the largest collection of animes?
Whatever the reason may be, you can certainly choose for your self among these top ten other anime sites.

But still, in the end, you will never get the same quality that you get when you pay for it.
Keeping that in mind most anime series cost less to purchase and you can also get some animes series from trusted sites such as Amazon.

Best Anime series to buy from Amazon

Here are a few all-time favorites that you can get your hands on in high quality, also some merch for the anime fans. Including Fullmetal Alchemist, Dragon Ball Z, Naruto, Cowboy Bebop and DeathNote.

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