Know More About a Graphic Design Agency

Many things may need attention if you are looking to hire a graphic design agency. A design agency’s role becomes crucial because its potential will reflect your brand identity in the market. The demand for graphic designers is surging in Dubai. Everyone wants to hire the best graphic design agency in Dubai to communicate their brand value. A graphic designer in Dubai earns an average monthly salary of AED 3941. However, the stats for an agency are pretty different. 

Being the most populous city in UAE, Dubai is prospering in every sector. From travel and tourism to real estate, there is ample scope. However, both small and big businesses require the help of a graphic designing agency to promote their brand and create an identity in the market. 

Few Graphic Design Services

Brand Identity 

Brand identity caters to the brand’s visual entity, like the design, color, logo, etc. One must distinguish the brand image from the brand identity, as both are different. Building a brand’s identity will include choosing a name, designing the logo, etc. The average cost of getting the logo created in Dubai is AED 750. However, one must hire the best graphic design agency in Dubai to establish a thumping brand identity. 

Brochure Design 

Choose an agency that helps you by creating result-driven brochures. Design plays a central role, and the more compelling it is, the more readers it will attract. A reliable agency understands the importance of a brochure and develops a strong message. They know the personality of your brand and create a design accordingly. 

Flyer Design 

Businesses must promote their products and services to their target customers. A suitable flyer can help you extend your reach to your audience to a more considerable extent. It can be an excellent way to do so. The designing cost of an A4 flyer can be around AED 800, while an A5 can be around AED 400 in Dubai. Find an experienced agency that helps align your brand vision with these promotional materials. 

Tips to Hire a Graphic Design Agency 

  • The first step to hiring a design agency is to build a project idea. Start with understanding your business needs, listing your project goals, and planning a budget. A picture of the project will help you move in the right direction.
  • Requesting referrals can be an excellent way to get started. Referrals from friends and family can be a reliable source. Someone who has recently worked with a design agency will be better able to say about its potential. 
  • Once you have the names of a few agencies, start requesting testimonials and portfolios. Assessing their earlier work will give you an understanding of their work. Someone who has worked with a similar business as yours should be on your priority list.
  • Follow your shortlisted agencies on social media to see how active they are. Check their response rate along with the quality of their posts and content.
  • Once all of this has been done, it is time to set up meetings. A face-to-face meeting will give you an exact idea about the agency, and you can directly enquire about everything on your mind.
  • Following the above steps will help you make an informed decision. Compare the agencies based on your interaction and choose the one that aligns with your business needs.

Final Thoughts 

Building your brand is essential to creating a foundation that will last long. A business should devote ample time and effort to finding a reliable graphic design agency. Remember the points mentioned above and hire a reputable firm with world-class designers on their team. 

Sadia Khan

I am a digital marketer who believes that the right content promoted on the right platform at the right time is the key to success. I help businesses to promote and sell their products and services to customers via the organic medium. My expertise is to create a brand reputation in the market using various content marketing strategies. My goal in life is to provide value and not just sell the product. I am a strategic planner, a critical thinker, and a project manager who knows how to communicate and collaborate successfully.

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