How Can You Look Slimmer in a Saree?

Have you added some weight and are worried about how you will look in a saree? Though this outfit favors every body type, there is always that desire to appear slim. A saree is a versatile type of outfit which you can use in different ways to achieve various effects. 

You can also use some tricks to look slim in a saree. We will discuss some of the tricks you should implement as well as enlighten you on some saree designs that make you look slimmer than your actual weight. Find out more!

How to look slim in a saree

Select light fabrics

The fabric you choose for your saree has a great impact on how your body appears. Light fabrics can make you appear slimmer since they tend to drape naturally around the body and also accentuate those beautiful curves to give it a balanced look. You should, therefore, go for fabrics such as georgette, chiffon, satin or crepe. Avoid heavy materials such as organza or cotton if you want to appear slim since such fabrics add volume to the body. 

Choose the right colors

The bright colors can either make your look or break it. If you are a curvy woman and would like to appear slim in a saree, you should pick dark colors. These can cover areas of your body that you would like to conceal.

Dark colors of a saree can also accentuate your assets. You should, therefore, consider colors such as black, dark blue or pastel violet to achieve a gorgeous look. When you wear dark-colored saree, most people pay more attention to the color than your body frame. 

Select light, elongated prints

We all love bold prints on sarees since they catch people’s attention.  When you intend to look slim from a saree, you should try and avoid big prints. Small, elongated prints spread across the entire saree making you appear slimmer and even taller than in normal circumstances. You should also consider choosing intricate embroidery which helps you appear smaller than your normal weight. 

Consider thin borders

Broad borders are only attention seekers, but they are not ideal for a slimmer look. Broad borders on a saree have an effect of making your frame appear wider than you expect. You should, therefore, choose sarees that have narrow or subtle borders. 

This type of border flows along your body frame making you appear slimmer. Feel free to look for such specifics from Stylecaret which offers a wide collection of designer sarees. You can also get a saree that does not have borders so that your body does not appear voluminous. 

Go for long sleeves

Though most ladies prefer sarees with short sleeves, you should go for sarees with long sleeves. As long as your fabric is light, the sleeves will be comfortable and elegant. Long sleeves also tend to create an illusion of a slim, tall frame.

If you don’t like long sleeves, ensure that the sleeve of your saree covers at least a quarter of your arm. The sleeves can hide any additional fat around your arms. Be keen on the type of blouses you select to go with your saree. Consider blouses that have high necks to hide any fat around the neck area. Also, avoid choosing sleeveless blouses. 

Choose a saree with minimal pleats and simple drape

You can also look sassy and slim by choosing a saree with minimal pleats especially around the waist. The correct draping can make a significant difference in how your saree appears. You don’t want one that adds volume to the appearance, right?

The right drape style can help you conceal unwanted fat on your body for you to achieve a slim look. Ensure that you tie the saree below your navel so that it covers your body’s contours and also elongates your frame. You should also tuck it correctly on the waist to minimize the volume on your body. 

If you choose a saree with a lot of pleats, you should tuck them correctly at a distance to prevent them from accumulating at a single point. Drape your saree tightly such that it does not fall loose from any given point. Ensure that the palla of your saree remains loose on your arm and don’t pleat it all on one of the shoulders. 

Avoid showing the tummy

If you are trying to appear slimmer, the chances are that your tummy is not well toned. You should, therefore, stay away from sarees that tempt you to reveal the tummy if you need to appear slim. Do not choose a saree that is likely to reveal your waist. Ensure that you drape your saree such that it covers your waist completely to help you look slim. 

The draping styles that make you look slim

The drape can make a big difference in how you look. Here are a few draping styles that achieve this effect. 

Mermaid drape

This gorgeous style is easy to pull off and helps you appear slim. It shapes the curves on your hips drifting the attention from your stomach area and midriff to the hips. You can wear this style with chiffons or light nets and drape it in such a way that the pleats form in the back and side and not on the front part. 

Jacketed saree

The jacketed saree incorporates a jacket that can conceal any figure flaws on your body. It allows you to wear your saree with a pallu which does not drop but instead goes around your neck to hide any excess fat on the area. 

Rajrani style

You can also experiment with this saree drape which prevents your upper body from getting loaded with a lot of fabric. Leave the front pallu loose or tuck it securely on one side of your waist. 

Final thoughts

With the above ideas, you will not have to worry about appearing bulky in a saree. It is time to get the perfect piece which helps you conceal all the areas you need and reveal your strong points.

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