Marvel’s Ant-Man and The Wasp is coming out – here’s what to expect

Marvel’s Ant-Man franchise kicked off with a boom in 2015. The first movie was epic and the fans loved it in many ways. But the timeline for this sequel is a bit confusing for some people. As the infinity war movie just came out and there was no Ant-man in it.  Hopefully, he was busy somewhere else, doing something more important than saving the universe from a mad titan.

In the upcoming Marvel’s Ant-Man you might actually get a glimpse of what ant man was really doing at that time. And also whether or not he had any idea what the Avengers and Thanos were up to. Ant-man might be one of those dudes who is considered a part of the pact but not really given much attention. Whatever the case might be, one cannot call AntMan a lame hero.


Ant-man certainly has some major tricks up his sleeves. As we have seen in the previous Ant Man movie and also in Civil War. In the previous Ant man movie from 2015, we saw that ant man can actually shrink down to sub atomic level. Fans were not expecting this, as it is one of more hidden ant man powers. In Civil War, we saw quite the opposite of this as Ant-Man grew into somewhat of a giant.

Again this was also very unexpected, so by now, we know that we can expect only the unexpected from Ant-Man.

Marvel’s Ant-Man and The Wasp Poster

Marvel's Ant-Man and The Wasp Poster- Marvel - Infinity war - 2018 -TrendMut


In this new Marvel’s Ant-Man movie there is also a major supporting character “The Wasp”.  As the name Ant-Man and The Wasp implies, the role of wasp will certainly be huge. From the trailer, it looks like the Wasp also have some decent abilities, like shrinking and enlarging objects and of course flying. Ant-Man and The Wasp both are fighting this new enemy who can walk through walls and stuff.

Ant man and the wasp enemy or villain in this movie is called, “The Ghost”.

According to the trailer, The Ghost actually came from the quantum realm that Doctor Hank opened up. Be this true or not, we can certainly say that this new costume on The Ghost looks like one of Doctor Hank’s creation that might have been stolen. Any ways so this new bad guy is actually a woman and she wants to take over the world now. And Hopefully, Ant man and the wasp will stop her.

And may be just maybe by the end of this movie we can see the infinity war ending in action too. As both, the movies take place in the same realm. So, who knows but that thing that happened in the end of Infinity war might take down some of the characters from Ant Man and the wasp too. Only time will tell.


Marvel’s Ant-Man and The Wasp – New Trailer


The Trailer Looks amazing but there is a lot that is not covered in the trailer and it looks like its lacking some of the details regarding to the new movie. We know a trailer is not supposed to give away the whole movie. But on a larger scale, it does have to make people feel involved in the story behind. May be a glimpse of that awful infinity war ending with respect to this movie might have made the audience jump off their seats for this the new Ant-Man Movie.

But keeping in mind this is only the first look. We can undoubtedly expect more from marvel in the upcoming trailers.

Also the ant man 2 release date is July 5, 2018.


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